Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nuffnang Ad Before Hibernation

Before I officially give myself a curfew in a few days' time, can I ask you guys for a favor?

See the Nuffnang add above the header of my blog?

Please CLICK on it whatever the advertisement may be.

I promise no VIRUS.

If, IF there's a virus or worm or something, please do not hesitate to inform me.

I'll tell Nuffnang on your behalf.


Hey, no joke eh.

Please CLICK laaaaaaaar.

I don't wanna risk losing my stars!!!

I'd really appreciate you guys for doing that!!

Thanks a bunch!

Damn random.



PIC said...

whats that?

Syaza said...

later click mine oso ar..
i want money oso~

- tAt yOng - said...

so this is how you get your extra income...
do me the same favor as well...kekeke

CL said...

PIC: My pic? It's Snoopy in a pink pouch!

Syaz: Eh, you're in Nuffnang also?? Ok ok I'll go and click click. Haha.

TY: Hahha..no prob. But I'm not sure whether it works that way or not. But no harm clicking la hor. haha

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