Friday, March 20, 2009

Naughty Girl Needs To Be Spanked

I am a bad, Bad, BAD girl.

I lied to my lecturer just to sneak back to my room to do my own stuffs.

I can't believe I did that!

What's more, she's one of the few lecturers I actually liked! ):

She said her class will end at that time but she still continued it so I had no choice but to tell her:

CL : Dr., is it okay if I leave now?
Lecturer : Kenapa?
CL : I have something to do at 11am. (which is actually true because I really wana go back to my room and do my stuffs)
Lecturer : What do you have?
CL : Erm...meeting! (already showing my guilty face)
Lecturer : Oh, okay then.
CL : Thank you, Dr.! *hurriedly grabs my bag and disappears from the hall*

OMGGGGGGGGGG. I cannot believe I lied to her right on her face without even blinking my eyes!! (okay, maybe I did but I'm usually very poor in telling lies..sigh)

I think I did quite well since she believed me. Hahah.
But I felt kinda bad after that cause I went to the shop to get my weekly dose of chocolates and junk food before heading back to my room.

But...........I would have stayed if she was giving lecture and the fact is, it's only presentations from my coursemates today!
I cabut because I can't seem to concentrate a single thing my friends were presenting and I think I better spend some time with my books (and the WWW) in my room instead.

So, here I am..with my semicond notes and loyal lappie in front me but I decided to give more attention to my lappie instead. Sighhh.

I'm feeling so hungry now I can eat a cooowww!

8 more minutes to endure! I realised being a prefect in my past schooling life has really made me a quite *coughs* disciplined person.

Anyways, my presentation went well!
Though I did stumble a little here and there, trying to find the word 'application' in my brain.
That freaking word just wouldn't come out!!

I have another presentation next Wednesday.

I hope I don't have to wear a Cheongsam for my presentation. *keeping my fingers crossed*


ps: That discipline thing was supposed to describe me not being able to lie properly. Hahaha.


XhInE said...

LoL..91 today.. now i noe wats 94 in ur previous post.. =)

Kokd said...

Naughty girl... i like..

CL said...

Sheena: Haha...I started counting from 100 over..let's see if it works.


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