Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nanged? Nang it? Nangs? eNuff!

Oh well, probably half of you in my blog list already knew what this post is about just by reading the title itself.
What happened was, I went explorin g Nuffnang homepage again like always.
It's been almost 5 months since I got to know what Nuffnang is.
How did I find out about it?
I blog hop lah. I never really expected blogging to top my most favorite past time list actually.
But I guess having to be away from your family during weekdays and your other half who is all the way in the UK somehow makes me think that I should blog more often to share my feelings.
I'm not saying my uni friends are not reliable, but they have better things to do rather than to hear my ramblings.

Okay, well back to the story.
So I saw this Innit section at the bottom of the Nuffnang's mainpage but I never really bother bout it till today.
I've always wondered how it works and what the heck is nangs, nang it or nanged.
Nevertheless, my instinct told me to give it a try.
And so I did.

After logging in, I was supposed to click on the +add new post and I added a new post lo.
Then, after filling in all the details required, I clicked +add post.
Then I went @#%^**()^%#@$^!!

I posted an empty post for my dear Nuffnangers to read.
I'm such a creative girl, right? *winks*

Thank goodness I saw the word delete post and immediately clicked on it!
So now here I am, writing a proper post hoping that it would turn out well.

I must admit, I'm not a computer literate young adult eventhough I took computer classes when I was in primary, a few weeks in Form 4 and passed my Visual Basic during the 1st year of my university life with flying colors.
Yes, I'm that SKILLED when it comes to computer and technology.
I barely remember what RAM and Ms DOS stand for.
Ok, maybe I still remember RAM but totally not that overDOS thing.
But luckily I know how to use the iTune to load songs for my iPod! Heheheh.

So, we shall just the see the response right after I click +add new post AGAIN. (:

Anyways, I was chatting with Babe through Facebook just now.
Sometimes, I'm really thankful that social networks like Facebook actually exist in our life.
Probably 80% of you would disagree with me because I've seen groups like, "Blame Facebook if I Fail My Exam" lah, Thanks facebook 4 making us fail our A-Levels lah..etc.
Honestly, it's all about self control.
Facebook will always be there, and it's all up to yourself whether you wana join or not.
Should you decide to join, then be smart. If not, screw yourself.
I might even have joined one of those groups by now.
I better go and check.

Nope! I did not. HAHA.

To be honest, I'm not really into Facebook anymore as compared to last year.
You may have seen that I commented a lot on my photos and other's but I have seriously reduced a lot of time facebook-ing already.
With the exception when I'm chatting with him. :)
Oh no headache already.

Ok, looks like we're talking about Facebook instead of what's written in the title. :P

Simply because it has indeed impacted my life in one way or another.
First, I got to keep in touch with my lost lost friends who are now all over the world.
(ok I know that's very typical but who cares)
Then, when MSN isn't working in my campus, I still get to chat to Babe through Fb! Whee~ Happyness.
And through Fb was how I got to know the demise of a friend of mine, Nian Ning in January 2008.
I was speechless for a moment. Totally had no idea of what to think or say.
The last time I saw her was in Monash Uni but I had no guts to walk up to her and say hie because I wasn't sure if it was her and if she still remembered me.
If I did, I would have never regretted that moment in my life.
I hope she's doing well up there.

So, whatever it is, to all my dear friends who are blogging every now and then, join Nuffnang!!
Then we can call ourselves Nuffnangers for no reason!!
*headaches gettin' worse*

Meeting Sheena this weekend! Can't wait! :)

Enjoy yourself during this weekend, peeps!
I'm so gonna pamper myself with Big Apple Donuts! Hehehe.



ps: I just realised I should click on retrieve instead of +add new post. Sigh. Such a blooper.


Kokd said...

Hmmm.. well, facebook has its pros and cons.. but you are right.. if u dont konow how to control, go screw yourself! ahhaha.. Have a good weekend

adri-enne said...

Have you heard of meebo or ebuddy? Open a normal tab and try I used that to overcome the proxy settings in KDU and uni. When my msn fails, I use it too. No nudging and stuff but it's not bad.

if u dont know how to control, go screw yourself!

lol. will be screwed anyways.

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