Monday, March 16, 2009

Mei Chen's 21!

It's Mei Chen's 21st birthday!!

(Adrienne, I bet you must be giggling right now)

She celebrated her Chinese birthday last Friday but her real birthday is on the 3rd of April!

One of the few youngest ones in my batch.

We had a bbq party by the pool side at Ocean View.

The bbq area.

The people.

Singing the birthday song! Finally, she got the key to freedom!

Whee!~ Congrats, Mei Chen!!


It's been really long since I attended any bbq party.

The guys did most of the bbq-ing though. Hehhe. :)

The food was not bad, with seafood and all!

I had A LOT of shrimps that night.

Wonder why the sudden crave for it.

With marinated squids, chicken wings, fish and shrimps!!

Sausages, sweet potatoes and corns too!

A shot with the bday girl.

The crime scene. Hehe.

Happy people.

Can you spot me?

It was more like a grown up party, suits the 21 years of age.


But it was quite fun, having to spend time with people you love.

Treasure the good times for there'll be lesser than you thought.

Anyways, probably you guys realised the short fringe.

I cut it because it was like this long:

Bleh. No mood to blog d.

Goodnight people.

Though it's not really late but don't stay up too late doing things that you think could make you feel more appreciated because it'll end up hurting you like HELL!!



adri-enne said...

When I saw Mei Chen's 21st, I was thinking.. WHUT??

LoL - I like your pictures :)

CL said...

Thanks, Mei Chen! oops. Adrienne I mean! hahaha..miss ya!

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