Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Materials Nite '09

Another year has passed. And I'm now already in my 2nd year in this engineering course.
I like some of the subjects, and loathe a few of them as well.
But the friends that I made, the knowledge I've gained, have made me see the world in a different perspective.
Everything that I've done, I hope it's for a better future.

Anyways, last Saturday, the course's annual dinner was held at City Bayview Hotel in Penang.
Thank goodness it was in Penang cos' at least I get to feel more homey to beautify myself rather than in the hostel last year.
As usual, I still rushed in the end because I was taking my own sweet time! :)
ACL came to my house at 1640 to do some girly stuff with me before we headed on to the dinner.

And this was my hairstyle for the prom :

TOTAL COST : RM 1.50 for the black pins.

It was my first time setting my own hair to a formal dinner cos' usually when my hair was straight, I'll do nothing to it.
I got this idea of hairdo when I was watching HSM 3! (if you can guess which scene it was)
But obviously Gabriella's was so much nicer cos' I bet she didn't need to strain her hand trying to tie her hair....
And if you were wondering where I got the flowers clips(?), they were from my pen pal since 10 (or 12) years ago, Michel, who sent to me when I was like 13 or 14 years old?
All the way from the land down under yo!
Thanks, Michel!!

ACL was so nice to me eventhough I kept rushing her simply because I didn't wanna do any grand entrance.
But I should have known that functions like these do not start on the time stated.
But I still did not want to be late.
So, we reached there exactly at 1830! Woohoo!
Way to go, ACL! Hahah.

Once reaching there, I was given this corsage as a door gift :

I think it looked really good on my wrist despite it should be stuck (with double sided tape) on my dress as a proper corsage.

And then I saw two familiar faces:

They claimed that they were the earliest second year batch to reach.
Haha. They were right.
So, I went on snapping. Very few photos were taken though because I barely know the people there as only 16 students from my batch attended the dinner.

It was only at 1930 or sort the dinner officially started.

Girls lookin' hawter than usual.

The lady in red cheongsam is ACL. Damn, she looked really good in it.
Babe was jealous I didn't wear one though. HAAHAH.

And I went on taking more and more pics :

This is CW. My roomie, WJ and I had to keep persuading her until she finally decided to wear this black tube dress to the prom! :)
She looked good, didn't she?

My stunning-looking coursemates.

My ever the cutest roomie, WJ!!

The food was alright. But it didn't worth the amount we paid for though.
Hence, no pics for you all to scope at.
I would conclude that we overdressed ourselves for the dinner.

Next time, heed my advice and go for the revolving restaurant instead.
I heard the buffet were awesome.
I only went there once with Babe but we ordered ala carte cos' the buffet time was over.

Last pic at the hotel with YX aka 'Big Sis'!

Lastly, our final destination was:

Initiated by a 3rd year senior though I've been longing to pay this place a visit.
Even if I had to go with Babe. AHAHAH.
The kind of music they play didn't suit my taste though.
Only the beat was interesting.

While I was grooving to the music, a guy came to me and offered me a ride home and another guy offered me his drink! Hahah.
No prize for guessing what my answer was.

So, like how Lionel Richie would go, "All Night Long"!
I would say, "ALL NIGHT LONG, BABEH!"
Indeed, I danced all night long.

ps: I seriously think my skin holds a grudge against me. Right in the morning of the prom when I woke up, a pimple decided to make its debut at the bridge of my nose. Thank God I have long fringe. So I covered 3/4 of my forehead the whole night. SIGH.

Have a great day ahead, muchas gracias for reading!

Mua mua mua!!



1PluS1=2 said...

wow... prom night.. man i miss ours in sggs...

Syaza said...

btw, i tagged you again! =)

adri-enne said...

You look really nice, Chia Li :) Muchos gracias for sharing these with us and congratulations on being a 2nd year eng student!

All the best in studies and wishing you many many pretty days ahead.

CL said...

KY: yes, I missed it too! How I wished I could turn back in time. But no regrets!

Syaz: Thanks! I'll do the tag soon! :)

A: Thanks, Adrienne! Actually I'm almost finishing my 2nd year already. It's just that the dinner sort of made me realised it again. Haha. All the best in your studies too!!! :))

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