Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iFoodex 2009

Finally! iFoodex is here once again!
I went there to meet up with Sheena at PISA on Saturday and it was my first time there despite that it has been held several times in Penang if I'm not mistaken.
I've always wanted to live my life as a true Penangite, searching and tasting for good food all over the island.
I guess this is my first step to many many new food in my life! :)

The clear blue sky makes me feel even more anticipated.

The entrance. Looks pretty empty on the outside but inside it was jam-packed!

While waiting for Sheena to arrive, I decided to take some shots as my blogging material.
It's funny when I started to blog so often, I realised the things I do revolve around blogging and...just blogging.
It's like every little thing I do, I'll think of my blog first. Weird, huh.

The famous Bee Cheng Hiang. Need no further introduction. :)

Bee Cheng Hiang was one of the most visited booths there.
They were directly in front of the main entrance which makes them easily spotted.
The aroma of the biscuits was really mouth-watering and I even tried a small piece of their Tau Sar Pneah, I think.
All I can say was. YUMMY!

The sifu preparing the biscuit. Quite a nice sight so I took it. But I have limited photography skill (or none) so I guess this is it!

Then I came across another famous sign: RAMLY BURGER.
I bet someone in the UK must be drooling now. Hhahaha.

The exterior:

A mini concert featuring Shila OIAM, Meet Uncle Hussain and Dafi.
Didn't get to catch it though.
Only heard some people testing the sound system.
But Dafi looks pretty cute on that poster. Heheh.

There were even booths set up on the outsideof the main arena.
This was where I bought my Fatty Loh's Chicken Rice after years of yearning for it eversince I tasted my first Fatty Loh's when I was a kid.
My verdict: It must have lost its originality or something because I think I've tasted better chicken rice than his. Kinda disappointed actually. :(

They even have dining area to accomodate customers who prefer to enjoy the fresh air instead of the crowded and oily interior.
I kinda like the idea of eating at a garden though it's not very grand but it feels rather peaceful than the hectic environment with people pushing each other in the indoors.

I saw this Thai Buffet booth and it was kinda attractive because of the sausages they have there.
Do click on the photo to enlarge then you can see clearly the special kind of sausage they have there.
I took only one pic though.
If I'm not mistaken, it was RM2 per stick but they had all-you-can-eat buffet at RM12.90 during weekends. Or was it on weekdays?

Some cooking demonstration was going on there.
The woman in the white top was supposed to be someone famous.
Someone announced her name..Something Beh.
Then I thought of Amy Beh, the famous celebrity chef and I was right!
But she looked kinda different from the last time I saw her on TV (yes, I do watch cooking shows which includes Amy Beh, Martha Stewart, Racheal Ray, Jamie Oliver and another Australian Chef..erm..yes! Bill Granger.).
Yes, I do love watching them but I can't cook.

Sheena then came with her Bf, Zent and we walked around again.
It was good having to see her again after a few months!
We had lunch at the 'garden' and talked and updated each other with the latest news.

Poor Zent needs to endure that time while we were chatting.

A good shot with my buddy!

Sheena gave me a birthday present!

My favorite Snoopy soft toy!! :)))

It was in a small pink pouch but I took it out. Heheh.
And then, it's camwhore time!!
With my partner in crime, Auricca! Hahah.

Now, would someone give me a Spongebob soft toy as well? Hahah. I just thought that I should have one since I'm a big fan of Spongebob Squarepants as well.

If you've read my earlier, I said I was gonna pamper myself with some Big Apple donuts and so I did! :D
Bought 2 Californian Almond but ate one while in the car waiting for my sister.
Haven't reached home to camwhore yet.
I bought Mocha Lisa, Alien, some Belgian Choc and peanut butter donuts and the almond ones again! Hahah.

Enjoyed my weekend.
It was really awesome.

How was yours? -CL-


Kokd said...

My big babe is so cute... can't help but smile and laugh when i read your blog. Kisses and hugs.

Simple Simon said...

my kok kuan is co cute... can't help but smile and laugh when i read you comments... muax... HUGxxx

Quin said...

ah.... made me feel like i have missed out on not being home.

XhInE said...

glad u like the present.. hope Mr. Snoopy is still your all time fav.. mebbe i shud get u spongebob next yr..hahaha =)

CL said...

KOKD : I don't find it cute alsooo.. =.="

Simon: Don't be pathetic woi! Haha. And it's KWAN, not KUAN. Apala ini TL. Hhaah. 94 stands for something. Go find out urself. :)

KQ: No prob, plenty of chances when u get a*s back!

Sheena: Thanks for the Snoopy! I love it! Haha. I'll tell u if anybody gets me a Spongebob before my next birthday. If not, u'll have to buy for me! Hahahah. Kidding. Thanks a lot, AGAIN!!

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