Friday, March 6, 2009

Have You Ever?

Have you ever.....

felt pissed by people who don't take good photographs?'s not like we ask you guys to take pro or skilled photos but just at the right angle would be more than enough.

wished that you have friends who would go picture frenzy with you no matter how not good looking or not prepared both sides are?
.............nobody in the world is perfect and these pictures are meant to be bits of memories we share because today is a gift.

felt like a good friend would say things that hurt you eventhough you know deep down they didn't mean it that way?
.............good friends will do anything to make sure our heart is not broken. And if they do, they apologize because they know they did hurt our feelings. But when they don't (apologize), hey, we don't do mind reading, do we? Some might say, good friends think alike. Think again.

felt like you bear so many responsibilities in order to look good in front of others and feel good about yourself but end up torturing yourself with all the burden as a leader? one else is willing to be the leader and yet at the same time, you know the rests are not dependable because you just know they are. Why risk yourself of wasting your energy only to know your work will turn out to be a disaster?

being left out by people whom you think are the few of the most important people in your life only to know that they are not?
...........they make use of what you have and when they don't need you, you'll be out of their sight. But because of the guilt they feel, you will see them clinging onto you once again before dumping you for others who are more important to them, or so you think.

Those who have had their hearts broken by these, fear not. Life has just begun.

Why make yourself upset over things that don't worth your feelings even a single bit?


Porcupine said...

I can relate to those feelings...
But that's how life is ya...
Don feel so down oh...

CL said...

HAHAA! I know who u are! JEFFREY ONG! Took me quite some time to figure. Haha. Thanks anyways! :)

Jaryn said...

love the shirt in ur pic! :D

CL said...

hahaa...I don't see it sround after I've moved though. :(

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