Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, KQ!

This post is specially dedicated to a friend and blog reader of mine, KQ!

Haha. I know I just can't stop calling you by the latter.

Anyways, it's your big day and I hope you'll be enjoying yourself being a year older!!!

Hahah. I'm so meannnn.


*Don't worry, I won't reveal your age even if you want me to. ahaha*

Cheers to better days ahead!!


ps:Special thanks to JO for the concern! :)


1PluS1=2 said...

wat a post! haha... make me feel like following ur method to wish quin... haha... =D

CL said...

haha! go ahead! i don't mind! I'm sure KQ would love it too! Hahah.

yokeMun said...

is quin's bday!!!!happy bday to u,kok quin!!!!ehhe..i feel weird wishing her here!!!lol

kangrui said...

ohh.. she would be so happy till she would be floating~


CL said...

hahah. YM, yea la...why are u wishing her in my blog?! hahah.

KR,Haha. I just thought that since it's her bday and I have no time to do a proper entry about my life, so there u go! haah.

Quin said...

whoa~~ thank you chia li!!! i'm terribly honoured!! not floating, but truly warmed by this.

haha.... yes yoke mun, kind of weird wishing me here, but then again, i'm sure to see it too, huh?

yea~~~ a post on someone else's blog specially dedicated to me!! you can't be any sweeter, chia li.

CL said...

hahaha. eh don't get me wrong. I said I have no time to blog about my life..HAHAHAH. No la. I'm glad u like it. And yea..I know I'm sweet la!!! Hahahahaha

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