Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Every Half A Year, I Suffer From These

It's the time of the year again.
The time when my fellow coursemates and university friends starve themselves.
Making themselves stare at the black and white notes.
Wondering why they didn't come across this and that term before.

The world seems to revolve even faster than ever.
Time passes so fast, it's not even a blink of an eye anymore.

The cafeteria will not be filled with people doing assignments or gathering to have a conversation or two.
Most students will all be back to their hometown not because they miss their family, it's because they prefer better food than the cafeteria's.
Also because of the phrase, "Home Sweet Home", where food will be cooked on time and the dishes will still be hot and fresh and CLEAN.
Free from the buzzing sounds of the black flying insects aka houseflies.
The auntie who sells the economy rice will have her fair share of the economic downturn now since her dishes will no longer be the 'favorite' amongst the students anymore.

Biscuits company will earn a lot more than usual because those who stay in hostel will usually eat biscuits instead of rice in order to save money and time than to go down to eat.
The hostel which was once filled with clothes will now be empty, echoes would be heard simply by whispering.
Okay, I was just joking about that.

Still, stack of notes would be seen on the desk.
With the hope of finishing them before the day arrives.

Pimples grow out of nowhere, not exactly during the time of the month.
They even grow on weird places, enhancing the stress on your face.
Dark circles are seen clearly on their faces.
Even worse for those who have thick eye bags like myself.

Yes, that's one thing I'd like to re-correct you people out there.
I have very thick eye bags and because of the not-very-good lighting, a lot of people tend to say my dark circles are really baddd.
Try to look at me during the day where the sun shines everywhere.
My dark circles are not very visible.
I still have them but they are not as bad as some claim they are.

Back to the topic,

Lecturers can now goyang kaki because their job is done for yet another semester.
They say, "if you have any questions regarding my subject, feel free to come and find me."
And when you actually feel free to go and find them, they are nowhere in sight.

The library will be filled with students and sometimes you wonder why most students only go to the library during study or exam week.
I, for one will not go to the library during study week.
But this semester might be different.
After several encounters with some #%&(**&&^ incidents that happened to me, I'd be better off study in the library instead of in my room.

Shocking incidents, they may be.
But some people do not wish they're who they are now.
They just couldn't find a way out and end up being different from others.
Keep blaming if you want, but when you come to your conscience, you'll know that deep down in her, she's just a normal soul who wants to be normal but probably she just can't.

I'm sorry for being furious because I was traumatized even till now.
No one knows her past and present.
She keeps us in doubts.
Whatever it is, as long as no one is hurt again, people will forgive and forget.

Yes, all of the above can be applied upon yours truly as well.



Kokd said...

Awwww... stressed out girl... relax.. take your time... Go home sleep dear, get enough rest and for goodness, get some fruits! I'll be looking foward to finish exams!

Syaza said...

So stressed is it?
Nah, i just tagged you..
feel free to do it..
its just a simple one..
have a nice weekend!!
muahx! =)

CL said...

haha..I will dear. and the new windows live is not helping either. sigh.

syaz, u have a great day too!

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