Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alexis, I Want You Back


I didn't know this!!!!!!

My favourite contestant on AMERICAN IDOL got....................................


How is this even possible??????

Simon once said she was the one to look out for just like Kelly Clarkson in the first season and NOW??????

Now that American Idol has a new system,

but the judges still didn't even save her??????


I'm done now.

Not gonna watch anymore for this season.




*goes back to bed and sleep*

Current addiction:

Taylor Swift - Teardrops On My Guitar

Isn't she like the sweetest thing on earth?? Awww.


XhInE said...

From ur title I tot it was Alexis from CSI...hahaha

Jimi said...

i knew that sooner or later she's going to get eliminated. she's a good singer but come on, compare to adam lambert, danny gokey, matt giraud, or even anoop desai, she won't stand a chance. this year competition is way too stiff.

CL said...

Sheena: Haha..I can't rmb the names in CSI as much as I like to watch that series. :)

Jimi: Hey there! Thanks for the comment. She's probably not as good as them, but of all the names you mentioned, I only remember who Anoop Desai is. But circumstances like during AI Season 5 do happen, no? Such competition is based on votes, anything can happen. But I'll pay more attention towards the other 2 guys u said! Cheers! :)

Jaryn said...

hey chia li!

Alexis was good, but halfway through the competition, she lost that edge. Her past two performances have not been good..

she's cool, but it i agree was time for her to leave...

nevermind, lets support kris allen instead! hahaha my fav!

Sean Lon said...

Yeah. :(
I tot she was gonna b save tht week because she was really good previously. I tot fans gonna vote her still. Her Dirty diana was really superb!

millymin said...

I like her too! Damn!

CL said...

Jaryn :okay..another name to look out for! haha.

Sean Lon:great to know u support Alexis too! who knows some music company will sign her up and yay! she'll be even more famous than the rest! hahaha

Emily: Hey, Emily! Yeah, it sucks right. Seriously no mood to see idol d unless i find another one i actually like. hmm.

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