Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nuffnang Ad Before Hibernation

Before I officially give myself a curfew in a few days' time, can I ask you guys for a favor?

See the Nuffnang add above the header of my blog?

Please CLICK on it whatever the advertisement may be.

I promise no VIRUS.

If, IF there's a virus or worm or something, please do not hesitate to inform me.

I'll tell Nuffnang on your behalf.


Hey, no joke eh.

Please CLICK laaaaaaaar.

I don't wanna risk losing my stars!!!

I'd really appreciate you guys for doing that!!

Thanks a bunch!

Damn random.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

6th Pic From The 6th Folder

I got tagged by Syaz!

Syaz, before I continue with this, I'd like to apologize for not doing the previous one.

Hehe. I know the 'being busy' excuse is already old..but I hope you don't mind!

So, this tag is very simple like Syaz said.

What we have to do is to pick the 6th pic of the 6th picture folder in our comp.

Here's what I got:

This is a montage of our pictures made by him.
It's to mark our 5th anniversary and the wonderful and beautiful and meaningful and other ful-ful-ful (but not awful) moments we had since 2004.
I'm still waiting for the day he'll be back.
It's been 6 months since he left.

As much as I wanted him back here to be with me all the time, I know he's there to shape our future together.
I should have faith in him, no?
Though there are many ups and downs since he left here, I hope we will both stay strong in this.

Loves and hugs,


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Adam Lamberttttt!



I was utterly amazed by his version of "Track of Tears" in the Motown week.

I know I said I won't be watching Idol again after Alexis left the show, but I thought of knowing who are those mentioned by my fellow readers..

And WOW. I was blown away Adam Lambert's voice.


Now I know why I didn't notice Adam Lambert before this:

He transformed from this during the early stages of the show:

to this:

Pretty old school, right?
But hey, I like!!!!

That rocker style is so not rocking in my opinion.

Let me give some of my opinions on the others:

Kris Allen : Such a cutey!

He's probably one of those guys I would root for if based on his looks.
He has a really good voice but I prefer Adam's.

Danny Gokey : So Taylor Hicks like. I DON'T LIKEEE.

The way he dances, his voice.
Urrr. So wronggg.

Anoop Desai : Missed his performance. :P

I really dislike how Americans are going against him by saying he's a fake American, being an Indian trying to win this American Idol and he's a terrorist and all.

Come on, PEOPLE.

Be more civilised.
I bet there's a reason why he's still competing in the show.

The rest, SORRY!

Forgettable performances, to me.




ps: Remember to switch off the lights at 8.30pm!! Save the EARTH, earthlings!!

Happy Birthday, Na Jie!!

It's Sheena's Birthday today!!

The day a great girl with a great personality was born.

The only thing I regretted about us was that we didn't get to know each other better earlier.


But no worries!

Time passes so fast and we've been great friends for so many years now!



Really missed those times when we used to sit together in class back in 2003 and 2004.

We shared so many things with each other and it's really not easy to find a friend like you.

Btw, I actually like how they always call us




Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Every Half A Year, I Suffer From These

It's the time of the year again.
The time when my fellow coursemates and university friends starve themselves.
Making themselves stare at the black and white notes.
Wondering why they didn't come across this and that term before.

The world seems to revolve even faster than ever.
Time passes so fast, it's not even a blink of an eye anymore.

The cafeteria will not be filled with people doing assignments or gathering to have a conversation or two.
Most students will all be back to their hometown not because they miss their family, it's because they prefer better food than the cafeteria's.
Also because of the phrase, "Home Sweet Home", where food will be cooked on time and the dishes will still be hot and fresh and CLEAN.
Free from the buzzing sounds of the black flying insects aka houseflies.
The auntie who sells the economy rice will have her fair share of the economic downturn now since her dishes will no longer be the 'favorite' amongst the students anymore.

Biscuits company will earn a lot more than usual because those who stay in hostel will usually eat biscuits instead of rice in order to save money and time than to go down to eat.
The hostel which was once filled with clothes will now be empty, echoes would be heard simply by whispering.
Okay, I was just joking about that.

Still, stack of notes would be seen on the desk.
With the hope of finishing them before the day arrives.

Pimples grow out of nowhere, not exactly during the time of the month.
They even grow on weird places, enhancing the stress on your face.
Dark circles are seen clearly on their faces.
Even worse for those who have thick eye bags like myself.

Yes, that's one thing I'd like to re-correct you people out there.
I have very thick eye bags and because of the not-very-good lighting, a lot of people tend to say my dark circles are really baddd.
Try to look at me during the day where the sun shines everywhere.
My dark circles are not very visible.
I still have them but they are not as bad as some claim they are.

Back to the topic,

Lecturers can now goyang kaki because their job is done for yet another semester.
They say, "if you have any questions regarding my subject, feel free to come and find me."
And when you actually feel free to go and find them, they are nowhere in sight.

The library will be filled with students and sometimes you wonder why most students only go to the library during study or exam week.
I, for one will not go to the library during study week.
But this semester might be different.
After several encounters with some #%&(**&&^ incidents that happened to me, I'd be better off study in the library instead of in my room.

Shocking incidents, they may be.
But some people do not wish they're who they are now.
They just couldn't find a way out and end up being different from others.
Keep blaming if you want, but when you come to your conscience, you'll know that deep down in her, she's just a normal soul who wants to be normal but probably she just can't.

I'm sorry for being furious because I was traumatized even till now.
No one knows her past and present.
She keeps us in doubts.
Whatever it is, as long as no one is hurt again, people will forgive and forget.

Yes, all of the above can be applied upon yours truly as well.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Wasted Sunday

First and foremost, I'd like to announce that....

*drum rolls*

this is my 100TH POST!

It's not like I'm proud of myself for finally able to reach 100 but it's just that the numbers look significant enough to be bragged about.


Okay..so it's amazing because for the first time people whom I don't know actually commented on my 99th entry.

Really appreciate it! :)

Anyway, today is such a $%&^*&%*&*%#@# unfruitful day for me.

I planned to revise my subjects the whole day.

But these itchy fingers of mine decided to update my Messenger eventhough I didn't know that there was a new Windows Live Messenger launched.

I just thought of upgrading my MSN for fun.

So, I googled : MSN latest

Then I saw Windows Live Messenger 2009.

Was so thrilled because downloading in the early morning shouldn't be a hassle.

So I waited patiently for the whole dem thing to load and it easily took my 2 hours away.

I know most of you would say I could have just concentrated on my studies while waiting.

But, being as silly as I am, I was too excited to see what it has got to offer and I practically stared at my lappie screen to see the loading speed.

I'm really silly lor.

Like, seriously.

If I could turn back time, I would have just stopped downloading it this morning.

But, BLEH. It's not possible.

Why I wanna turn back the time, you say?

Because after it finished downloading, I tried to run the programme.

After don't know how many gazillion times of failed attempts, I decided to ask my friend, ST, who has downloaded the same version too.

She said the latest Messenger is still not stable yet and she has difficulties in signing in as well.


The consequences of trying to be techno (high tech, my uni's version). (=.=")

So, in the end, I still didn't get to sign in and decided to restore my system back to yesterday's.

And the only constructive thing I did was the meeting I had for my Wednesday's presentation.


That's it till now because right now I'm doing this.

(This = Updating my blog)

I don't really find it that constructive anymore because it has become so public since I keep promoting it in my Fb and MSN and hence, no inner feelings shared.


But if I really share my inner feelings with you guys..


My number of readers will drop t0 zilch.

Because the entries would be too emo for anyone to read.

Perhaps I should have another private one for my own reading.


And, and I found something really shocking today.

Just thought of telling you guys but can't really share it here because it's way too sick to be shared.

And since my MSN is no longer working, YAY!

It should still be able to work but somehow it's not and I don't really feel like resolving the matter, so wth.

Since someone thinks I should reduce the amount of time I spend in MSN, I might as well don't fix it, right??

Then, the world would be a happier place to live in.

Haha. Whatever.

Maybe I can even score well in my test and presentation in this case.


AS IF la............

It's yet another Monday again tomorrow. :(

Blow, blow those Monday blues up, up and away!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alexis, I Want You Back


I didn't know this!!!!!!

My favourite contestant on AMERICAN IDOL got....................................


How is this even possible??????

Simon once said she was the one to look out for just like Kelly Clarkson in the first season and NOW??????

Now that American Idol has a new system,

but the judges still didn't even save her??????


I'm done now.

Not gonna watch anymore for this season.




*goes back to bed and sleep*

Current addiction:

Taylor Swift - Teardrops On My Guitar

Isn't she like the sweetest thing on earth?? Awww.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Naughty Girl Needs To Be Spanked

I am a bad, Bad, BAD girl.

I lied to my lecturer just to sneak back to my room to do my own stuffs.

I can't believe I did that!

What's more, she's one of the few lecturers I actually liked! ):

She said her class will end at that time but she still continued it so I had no choice but to tell her:

CL : Dr., is it okay if I leave now?
Lecturer : Kenapa?
CL : I have something to do at 11am. (which is actually true because I really wana go back to my room and do my stuffs)
Lecturer : What do you have?
CL : Erm...meeting! (already showing my guilty face)
Lecturer : Oh, okay then.
CL : Thank you, Dr.! *hurriedly grabs my bag and disappears from the hall*

OMGGGGGGGGGG. I cannot believe I lied to her right on her face without even blinking my eyes!! (okay, maybe I did but I'm usually very poor in telling lies..sigh)

I think I did quite well since she believed me. Hahah.
But I felt kinda bad after that cause I went to the shop to get my weekly dose of chocolates and junk food before heading back to my room.

But...........I would have stayed if she was giving lecture and the fact is, it's only presentations from my coursemates today!
I cabut because I can't seem to concentrate a single thing my friends were presenting and I think I better spend some time with my books (and the WWW) in my room instead.

So, here I am..with my semicond notes and loyal lappie in front me but I decided to give more attention to my lappie instead. Sighhh.

I'm feeling so hungry now I can eat a cooowww!

8 more minutes to endure! I realised being a prefect in my past schooling life has really made me a quite *coughs* disciplined person.

Anyways, my presentation went well!
Though I did stumble a little here and there, trying to find the word 'application' in my brain.
That freaking word just wouldn't come out!!

I have another presentation next Wednesday.

I hope I don't have to wear a Cheongsam for my presentation. *keeping my fingers crossed*


ps: That discipline thing was supposed to describe me not being able to lie properly. Hahaha.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snobbish Without Specs

WoW Wow.

I've been so busy lately I barely have the time to update my blog properly.

Anyways, today's blog entry is gonna be about me, being rather snobbish in first impressions.
Hahah. Yea, I guess it's no surprise to many of you who have come across that side of me before knowing me that well. (:

Most of my friends told me before about this.
But before I go further in detail, let me proclaim that I, CL, do not do such things:
a) Smile to people I don't know or even if I know who you are but we both never talked before.
b) Wave my hand and say hie when I'm not wearing my specs.

Yes, sadly enough, that's yours truly.
Family and close friends like high schoolmates, room mates, coursemates and BF would know that I do not wear my spectacles/contact lenses everywhere I go.

Except in certain conditions which I really have no choice such as:
a) staring at that poorly typed slides in English with lots of grammatical errors (effect, affect, is, are, important, importance) in class
b) driving on the road (if not sure *bang bang*)
c) being extremely close to my computer I can practically hug it to sleep (which means making my eyes sore due to the radiation from the laptop screen)
d) trying to look pretty during formal functions with the hazel coloured contact lens which I got for free. Heee.

So, it's rather saddening when my friends told me I don't reply their smile when they tried to greet me or when they wave their hands at me from a distance.
With that said, they call me a snob.
But I tried to explain to my friends as many as I could so that I won't be misunderstood.
I will usually greet my friends if they're no more than 1 meter away from myself and unless we know each other long enough for me to recognise their silhouette or figure in dark areas.


Whilst some of them said I look very fierce when they first saw me and it deterred them from approaching me.
Couldn't agree more. (:
I don't show my friendly face to anybody and everybody that walks pass me.

And if you wondered how BF fell for me, it wasn't because of how I look like also. HAHAH.


I kinda miss this hair. ):

On another note, people should have more faith in me when they have decided to spill details for me to know.
I DO NOT spread rumours nor I CREATE rumours.
That too, applies to real news as long as I'm told not to by the person who told me, then I won't.
Call me coward or what, I don't do such things. (:

We should all vote for peace on earth.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iFoodex 2009

Finally! iFoodex is here once again!
I went there to meet up with Sheena at PISA on Saturday and it was my first time there despite that it has been held several times in Penang if I'm not mistaken.
I've always wanted to live my life as a true Penangite, searching and tasting for good food all over the island.
I guess this is my first step to many many new food in my life! :)

The clear blue sky makes me feel even more anticipated.

The entrance. Looks pretty empty on the outside but inside it was jam-packed!

While waiting for Sheena to arrive, I decided to take some shots as my blogging material.
It's funny when I started to blog so often, I realised the things I do revolve around blogging and...just blogging.
It's like every little thing I do, I'll think of my blog first. Weird, huh.

The famous Bee Cheng Hiang. Need no further introduction. :)

Bee Cheng Hiang was one of the most visited booths there.
They were directly in front of the main entrance which makes them easily spotted.
The aroma of the biscuits was really mouth-watering and I even tried a small piece of their Tau Sar Pneah, I think.
All I can say was. YUMMY!

The sifu preparing the biscuit. Quite a nice sight so I took it. But I have limited photography skill (or none) so I guess this is it!

Then I came across another famous sign: RAMLY BURGER.
I bet someone in the UK must be drooling now. Hhahaha.

The exterior:

A mini concert featuring Shila OIAM, Meet Uncle Hussain and Dafi.
Didn't get to catch it though.
Only heard some people testing the sound system.
But Dafi looks pretty cute on that poster. Heheh.

There were even booths set up on the outsideof the main arena.
This was where I bought my Fatty Loh's Chicken Rice after years of yearning for it eversince I tasted my first Fatty Loh's when I was a kid.
My verdict: It must have lost its originality or something because I think I've tasted better chicken rice than his. Kinda disappointed actually. :(

They even have dining area to accomodate customers who prefer to enjoy the fresh air instead of the crowded and oily interior.
I kinda like the idea of eating at a garden though it's not very grand but it feels rather peaceful than the hectic environment with people pushing each other in the indoors.

I saw this Thai Buffet booth and it was kinda attractive because of the sausages they have there.
Do click on the photo to enlarge then you can see clearly the special kind of sausage they have there.
I took only one pic though.
If I'm not mistaken, it was RM2 per stick but they had all-you-can-eat buffet at RM12.90 during weekends. Or was it on weekdays?

Some cooking demonstration was going on there.
The woman in the white top was supposed to be someone famous.
Someone announced her name..Something Beh.
Then I thought of Amy Beh, the famous celebrity chef and I was right!
But she looked kinda different from the last time I saw her on TV (yes, I do watch cooking shows which includes Amy Beh, Martha Stewart, Racheal Ray, Jamie Oliver and another Australian Chef..erm..yes! Bill Granger.).
Yes, I do love watching them but I can't cook.

Sheena then came with her Bf, Zent and we walked around again.
It was good having to see her again after a few months!
We had lunch at the 'garden' and talked and updated each other with the latest news.

Poor Zent needs to endure that time while we were chatting.

A good shot with my buddy!

Sheena gave me a birthday present!

My favorite Snoopy soft toy!! :)))

It was in a small pink pouch but I took it out. Heheh.
And then, it's camwhore time!!
With my partner in crime, Auricca! Hahah.

Now, would someone give me a Spongebob soft toy as well? Hahah. I just thought that I should have one since I'm a big fan of Spongebob Squarepants as well.

If you've read my earlier, I said I was gonna pamper myself with some Big Apple donuts and so I did! :D
Bought 2 Californian Almond but ate one while in the car waiting for my sister.
Haven't reached home to camwhore yet.
I bought Mocha Lisa, Alien, some Belgian Choc and peanut butter donuts and the almond ones again! Hahah.

Enjoyed my weekend.
It was really awesome.

How was yours? -CL-

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mei Chen's 21!

It's Mei Chen's 21st birthday!!

(Adrienne, I bet you must be giggling right now)

She celebrated her Chinese birthday last Friday but her real birthday is on the 3rd of April!

One of the few youngest ones in my batch.

We had a bbq party by the pool side at Ocean View.

The bbq area.

The people.

Singing the birthday song! Finally, she got the key to freedom!

Whee!~ Congrats, Mei Chen!!


It's been really long since I attended any bbq party.

The guys did most of the bbq-ing though. Hehhe. :)

The food was not bad, with seafood and all!

I had A LOT of shrimps that night.

Wonder why the sudden crave for it.

With marinated squids, chicken wings, fish and shrimps!!

Sausages, sweet potatoes and corns too!

A shot with the bday girl.

The crime scene. Hehe.

Happy people.

Can you spot me?

It was more like a grown up party, suits the 21 years of age.


But it was quite fun, having to spend time with people you love.

Treasure the good times for there'll be lesser than you thought.

Anyways, probably you guys realised the short fringe.

I cut it because it was like this long:

Bleh. No mood to blog d.

Goodnight people.

Though it's not really late but don't stay up too late doing things that you think could make you feel more appreciated because it'll end up hurting you like HELL!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nanged? Nang it? Nangs? eNuff!

Oh well, probably half of you in my blog list already knew what this post is about just by reading the title itself.
What happened was, I went explorin g Nuffnang homepage again like always.
It's been almost 5 months since I got to know what Nuffnang is.
How did I find out about it?
I blog hop lah. I never really expected blogging to top my most favorite past time list actually.
But I guess having to be away from your family during weekdays and your other half who is all the way in the UK somehow makes me think that I should blog more often to share my feelings.
I'm not saying my uni friends are not reliable, but they have better things to do rather than to hear my ramblings.

Okay, well back to the story.
So I saw this Innit section at the bottom of the Nuffnang's mainpage but I never really bother bout it till today.
I've always wondered how it works and what the heck is nangs, nang it or nanged.
Nevertheless, my instinct told me to give it a try.
And so I did.

After logging in, I was supposed to click on the +add new post and I added a new post lo.
Then, after filling in all the details required, I clicked +add post.
Then I went @#%^**()^%#@$^!!

I posted an empty post for my dear Nuffnangers to read.
I'm such a creative girl, right? *winks*

Thank goodness I saw the word delete post and immediately clicked on it!
So now here I am, writing a proper post hoping that it would turn out well.

I must admit, I'm not a computer literate young adult eventhough I took computer classes when I was in primary, a few weeks in Form 4 and passed my Visual Basic during the 1st year of my university life with flying colors.
Yes, I'm that SKILLED when it comes to computer and technology.
I barely remember what RAM and Ms DOS stand for.
Ok, maybe I still remember RAM but totally not that overDOS thing.
But luckily I know how to use the iTune to load songs for my iPod! Heheheh.

So, we shall just the see the response right after I click +add new post AGAIN. (:

Anyways, I was chatting with Babe through Facebook just now.
Sometimes, I'm really thankful that social networks like Facebook actually exist in our life.
Probably 80% of you would disagree with me because I've seen groups like, "Blame Facebook if I Fail My Exam" lah, Thanks facebook 4 making us fail our A-Levels lah..etc.
Honestly, it's all about self control.
Facebook will always be there, and it's all up to yourself whether you wana join or not.
Should you decide to join, then be smart. If not, screw yourself.
I might even have joined one of those groups by now.
I better go and check.

Nope! I did not. HAHA.

To be honest, I'm not really into Facebook anymore as compared to last year.
You may have seen that I commented a lot on my photos and other's but I have seriously reduced a lot of time facebook-ing already.
With the exception when I'm chatting with him. :)
Oh no headache already.

Ok, looks like we're talking about Facebook instead of what's written in the title. :P

Simply because it has indeed impacted my life in one way or another.
First, I got to keep in touch with my lost lost friends who are now all over the world.
(ok I know that's very typical but who cares)
Then, when MSN isn't working in my campus, I still get to chat to Babe through Fb! Whee~ Happyness.
And through Fb was how I got to know the demise of a friend of mine, Nian Ning in January 2008.
I was speechless for a moment. Totally had no idea of what to think or say.
The last time I saw her was in Monash Uni but I had no guts to walk up to her and say hie because I wasn't sure if it was her and if she still remembered me.
If I did, I would have never regretted that moment in my life.
I hope she's doing well up there.

So, whatever it is, to all my dear friends who are blogging every now and then, join Nuffnang!!
Then we can call ourselves Nuffnangers for no reason!!
*headaches gettin' worse*

Meeting Sheena this weekend! Can't wait! :)

Enjoy yourself during this weekend, peeps!
I'm so gonna pamper myself with Big Apple Donuts! Hehehe.



ps: I just realised I should click on retrieve instead of +add new post. Sigh. Such a blooper.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Test Is Postponed....

SIGH...so my test which was scheduled tomorrow morning is postponed.

Is it good or is it bad? You tell me.

Well, I guess it might be good if you aren't prepared for the test which includes everything the 3 lecturers taught.

But I haven't finished revising yet. So I suppose I should be more prepared for the test in 2 weeks' time and treat it like mocks. Hmm.

One thing I can't quite figure out about lecturers is why in the world do they have to squeeze and cram every test and assignment etc. into the same weeks eventhough they said before that based on the new timetable and bla bla bla, we shouldn't have test and assignments clashed on the same week.

Kononnya lah, rite?

And my class was quite free the few weeks before this but the lecturers have no initiative in giving us any test or whatsoever.

My exam is in a month's time and I have been busy doing lab reports and assignments more than I've done my revision. :(

Will I be able to be proud of myself again this semester?

The answer lies within myself.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

KOKD's 21!

It's Babe's birthday today!!

And I'm proud to announce:

He's 21 this year!!


Yeah yeah, I bet some of you just knew that he's a year younger than I am!


The Chinese would say, "Ahh..a jie di lian I see.."

Which means a relationship where the female is older than the male.

But who cares!

We've been together since 2004 and the days just keep getting better!


Furthermore, he acts like he's an Ah Pek (old uncle) anyway. HAHAHAHA.

Well dear, if you're reading this, I'd like you to know that:

Don't be naughty on your birthday!!

Haha. Just kidding.

You have my best wishes, dear!

I wished I could celebrate this meaningful day with you.

I'm doing my best to try to give you everything I could from here (though the phone charges are on you)!! *grins*

I guess being 21 means you are now legal to enter the casino be it Genting's or Las Vegas'.

But if by any chance you're going to Las Vegas, you must bring me along too!!

Looks like I'm gonna miss Spain as well. :(

Hmm...then should I still look forward to Tioman?


Anyways, remember this?

So Babe, can I have this dance? (:

Have a wonderful birthday and I shall keep to my promise!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, KQ!

This post is specially dedicated to a friend and blog reader of mine, KQ!

Haha. I know I just can't stop calling you by the latter.

Anyways, it's your big day and I hope you'll be enjoying yourself being a year older!!!

Hahah. I'm so meannnn.


*Don't worry, I won't reveal your age even if you want me to. ahaha*

Cheers to better days ahead!!


ps:Special thanks to JO for the concern! :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

You've Been Hurt

Sometimes, just sometimes, you want to just deny the feelings you have inside.

But they keep coming back to haunt you.

And you tell yourself, it's not true.

It's just temporary.

But somewhere deep down in you, you somehow know it's somewhat true.

You are willing to do just about anything to make sure they stay where they are.

Sometimes, most of the times, you wished these are all your imaginations.

You are imagining things and you wana wake up from these nightmares.

But you simply can't.

Because, you've been hurt.

Staring blankly into the glaring sun, you realise how unimportant and insignificant you've become.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Talk To The Hand




*James Blunt's hand some more. :)


I won't apologize to you if you feel offended. Because I've given you more chances than anyone could.

And heck, like I said, this is MY blog.


*Update: Today's meeting, she was late for an hour before she decided to give a call to another group member without explaining why she couldn't make it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Have You Ever?

Have you ever.....

felt pissed by people who don't take good photographs?
.............it's not like we ask you guys to take pro or skilled photos but just at the right angle would be more than enough.

wished that you have friends who would go picture frenzy with you no matter how not good looking or not prepared both sides are?
.............nobody in the world is perfect and these pictures are meant to be bits of memories we share because today is a gift.

felt like a good friend would say things that hurt you eventhough you know deep down they didn't mean it that way?
.............good friends will do anything to make sure our heart is not broken. And if they do, they apologize because they know they did hurt our feelings. But when they don't (apologize), hey, we don't do mind reading, do we? Some might say, good friends think alike. Think again.

felt like you bear so many responsibilities in order to look good in front of others and feel good about yourself but end up torturing yourself with all the burden as a leader?
............no one else is willing to be the leader and yet at the same time, you know the rests are not dependable because you just know they are. Why risk yourself of wasting your energy only to know your work will turn out to be a disaster?

being left out by people whom you think are the few of the most important people in your life only to know that they are not?
...........they make use of what you have and when they don't need you, you'll be out of their sight. But because of the guilt they feel, you will see them clinging onto you once again before dumping you for others who are more important to them, or so you think.

Those who have had their hearts broken by these, fear not. Life has just begun.

Why make yourself upset over things that don't worth your feelings even a single bit?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Materials Nite '09

Another year has passed. And I'm now already in my 2nd year in this engineering course.
I like some of the subjects, and loathe a few of them as well.
But the friends that I made, the knowledge I've gained, have made me see the world in a different perspective.
Everything that I've done, I hope it's for a better future.

Anyways, last Saturday, the course's annual dinner was held at City Bayview Hotel in Penang.
Thank goodness it was in Penang cos' at least I get to feel more homey to beautify myself rather than in the hostel last year.
As usual, I still rushed in the end because I was taking my own sweet time! :)
ACL came to my house at 1640 to do some girly stuff with me before we headed on to the dinner.

And this was my hairstyle for the prom :

TOTAL COST : RM 1.50 for the black pins.

It was my first time setting my own hair to a formal dinner cos' usually when my hair was straight, I'll do nothing to it.
I got this idea of hairdo when I was watching HSM 3! (if you can guess which scene it was)
But obviously Gabriella's was so much nicer cos' I bet she didn't need to strain her hand trying to tie her hair....
And if you were wondering where I got the flowers clips(?), they were from my pen pal since 10 (or 12) years ago, Michel, who sent to me when I was like 13 or 14 years old?
All the way from the land down under yo!
Thanks, Michel!!

ACL was so nice to me eventhough I kept rushing her simply because I didn't wanna do any grand entrance.
But I should have known that functions like these do not start on the time stated.
But I still did not want to be late.
So, we reached there exactly at 1830! Woohoo!
Way to go, ACL! Hahah.

Once reaching there, I was given this corsage as a door gift :

I think it looked really good on my wrist despite it should be stuck (with double sided tape) on my dress as a proper corsage.

And then I saw two familiar faces:

They claimed that they were the earliest second year batch to reach.
Haha. They were right.
So, I went on snapping. Very few photos were taken though because I barely know the people there as only 16 students from my batch attended the dinner.

It was only at 1930 or sort the dinner officially started.

Girls lookin' hawter than usual.

The lady in red cheongsam is ACL. Damn, she looked really good in it.
Babe was jealous I didn't wear one though. HAAHAH.

And I went on taking more and more pics :

This is CW. My roomie, WJ and I had to keep persuading her until she finally decided to wear this black tube dress to the prom! :)
She looked good, didn't she?

My stunning-looking coursemates.

My ever the cutest roomie, WJ!!

The food was alright. But it didn't worth the amount we paid for though.
Hence, no pics for you all to scope at.
I would conclude that we overdressed ourselves for the dinner.

Next time, heed my advice and go for the revolving restaurant instead.
I heard the buffet were awesome.
I only went there once with Babe but we ordered ala carte cos' the buffet time was over.

Last pic at the hotel with YX aka 'Big Sis'!

Lastly, our final destination was:

Initiated by a 3rd year senior though I've been longing to pay this place a visit.
Even if I had to go with Babe. AHAHAH.
The kind of music they play didn't suit my taste though.
Only the beat was interesting.

While I was grooving to the music, a guy came to me and offered me a ride home and another guy offered me his drink! Hahah.
No prize for guessing what my answer was.

So, like how Lionel Richie would go, "All Night Long"!
I would say, "ALL NIGHT LONG, BABEH!"
Indeed, I danced all night long.

ps: I seriously think my skin holds a grudge against me. Right in the morning of the prom when I woke up, a pimple decided to make its debut at the bridge of my nose. Thank God I have long fringe. So I covered 3/4 of my forehead the whole night. SIGH.

Have a great day ahead, muchas gracias for reading!

Mua mua mua!!


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