Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shopping = Stress Remedy

Went shopping today!! FINALLY!!~ (if you get what I mean :))
This is the result :

*pls keep chanting that together with me. I need help!* :D

I did buy a couple more things but I think these are the essentials for my coming event this Saturday!
Probably some of you would have already known what I'll be up to on that day! :)
Can't wait to eat, mingle and SNAP! YESH! Snapping is important when you're into blogging.
What's more, memories stay alive in photos, right?

I cannot believe I spent a freakin' MYR 45.90 for the mascara.
But hey, KOKD, I'm glad you'll be coming back for the mascara. HAHAHAHA.
The rest are quite reasonably priced.
It's gonna be my first time not showing off my legs for a formal function.
So, please go easy with me on this. Hehe.
Erm. But I do hope you didn't get it the wrong way.
I mean, stockings??! I used to go like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? when I saw the lil' girls walking around in them, of multiple colors some more.
Then Babe would go, "La~la~la~la~la~la~........." HHEHEHEHEHE.
Then I would smack him for being so cruel on the outside while I'm the cruel one in the inside.

But after I started watching Gossip Girls, I began to feel like I need to have a wardrobe makeover session or some sort.
Man, you should see the variety of stockings they wore in the series!!
Even when they go to high school!
How I wish I wasn't exposed to this at this stage of my life.
Sounds as though I'm in the middle age or something. Haha.

Anyways, I couldn't find a suitable lip gloss to go with the things I bought today.
Either the colors were too old-looking or they're absurdly priced.
Hmm. I was really stressed last week (you can simply judge it by my previous two posts) so shopping is always my best remedy for stress.
Shoo! away stress by shopping!! *yayy*

Happy blogging, BLOGGERS!



1PluS1=2 said...

u bought the majorlica mascara!! i wanted that too.... haha... but yeah... is expensive... well... i agree we need to go shopping once in a while... hehe!

CL said...

haha! yes KY! it's kinda expensive for students like us...having to splurge almost 50 bucks for a'll probably be my first n last unless i become richer after using it. JAHHA. huh?

Quin said...

yep yep~ happy blogging to you too... am back in my hostel d, so gonna be blogging often too. so let's stalk each other this way ya??? cheers~~~~

CL said...

HAHAHA. I thought we've already been stalking each other that way since months ago? No? Hehehe

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