Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Count Down Starts Now!


*heart beats a lil fast now*



ps: Been really busy with revisions, assignments and lab reports.

And please, please wish me luck for I'll be retrieving my assignment very soon from my lecturer. Soon. ARRGGGHH!!


adri-enne said...

115 days from..??? Exam ka? You guys are so enthusiastic about work. So nice when you were my classmate. Perhaps I'd be more motivated.

CL said...

HAHAHA! I'm so sorry Adrienne...no, it's not 115 days from my exam! it's more like 115 days and counting to the day he'll be back! Hahha. What makes u think I'll be counting my days to EXAM and sounded so happy about it???!! Hahah. I hope I didn't just demotivated u..Hahahah.

Kokd said...

Hahah.. 115 days? not bad hor?

adri-enne said...

Lol woot woot is also the sound of the fire alarm. and constipated owl. hahaha.

115 days - that's not long. You both reminded me of the cowherd and weaving girl story.

CL said...

Haha. When you mention constipated owl, it suddenly reminds me of myself, the Owlie in UNOF la!! How could you call me a constipated owl??!! Hahaha.
Btw, what story is that? Pardon my shallowness. Haha.

kangrui said...

one word, awwww.....
you go, gurl! =)

adri-enne said...

go google it - something to do with chinese valentines. celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month.

hahaha constipated owl.

CL said...

thanks Kang Rui! Haha!!

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