Sunday, February 22, 2009

MM Mascara

Came back to uni with cousin yesterday night.
Sigh. It's not even a day after purchasing the MM mascara, we already have to part ways. :(

Anyways, I managed to use it once before I left that poor thing alone without its owner back at home.
My first impression after applying it was, cakey!
I thought it'd be much easier to apply it but no!
My lashes clump together though I tried combing them properly.
But when it dries up, it got better.
I wanted to get the lash expander, but I ended up buying a different one. :(
The sales girl said lash expander is sold out.

However, this MM mascara's plus point for me would be it's ability to hold the curl for really long hours!
I wore it from noon and only started to clear it off 12 hours later.
Completely no worries about smudging even during the long hours of wearing it.

On the other hand....
you will find it so damn difficult to remove the mascara.
You'll probably have to risk losing a few lashes!! :(
Already so short some more had to reduce its volume??!!

I used to be a hard core fan of Maybelline's mascara till MM caught my attention.
It's pretty darn expensive for a student like me, but heck, it's sponsored. :)
Well, it could be. :)

Nonetheless, I'm quite satisfied with MM Mascara.
I'd give it 3.5 outta 5 stars!

I have so many pending assignments and a report to do!!
Sigh. Uni life is really taking its toll on me.



adri-enne said...

3.5/5 for an expensive mascara? Hmmm.. the rate is low because of the price or it's just the quality?

CL said...

Low ar? I thought it's kinda high d, no? I would say I gave it 3.5 because of the quality. :) Let me try it again properly this weekend cos the last time was in a rush. So I probably didn't do a good job! Haha

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