Wednesday, February 25, 2009

LitleGras Concert 2009

FINALLY! LitleGras Concert is done!
Though my duty was very simple and easy, but I still MANAGE to do a stupid mistake.
Well, I should have told my leader that I don't do spontaneous acts. HAHA.
So, yea I escorted the VIP to the stage and I came down before he did.
I know, that's like OMG like gazillion times.
I don't think anybody sees it as a mistake but for me, I couldn't get through my conscience.

But I didn't do it on purpose ok!
It was simply because I wasn't told that the VIP would be involved in the chime thing for the opening ceremony (yea, it was the OPENING CEREMONY only).
Such a blooper! URGH.
Luckily didn't kena scolding from CL (my leader happened to have the same initial, too!)

Anyways, in my own opinion, the concert was kinda good.
I couldn't really make a comparison because I haven't been to one before.
It's an annual thing, and this year, I'm glad I got the chance to be involved. :)
My favourite performances of the night would be:
1) Ah Ji's (both songs)
2) CH's solo saxophone performance
3) Some 1st year guy's performance. I forgot which song he sang but I know I was tapping my feet along! Hehe.

I wished I was wearing my specs then I would have been able to recognise him. Worst, I got the seat right behind the VIP. Could it be any better??! Yes, if I was wearing my specs. :S

And I also secretly wished I could play the drum suddenly. I guess it's not much of a secret d now, heh? :P

Btw, I did not mean that the rest of the performances weren't good, I'm just saying that these are the ones I like the most.
So, no offense to the other performers. All of you did a really great job!!
Because if it wasn't because of you guys, there won't be a concert!
I'm really amazed by the students here.
They play, they sing, they dance and the best is, they COMPOSE!
Yup, all the songs performed that night were composed by our very talented friends, juniors and seniors.

I even managed to widen my circle of friends!
Though most of them are juniors (because it's kinda late for me to join as member rather than being a leader) but I had fun mingling with them!
They were all very friendly and I'm glad we're friends. :)

The down side of the day would be me forgetting to bring along any camera.
ZERO photos to be uploaded.
ARRGGHH! How could I, right?
I did take a pic using CH's hp but didn't get it bluetoothed to me though.
Someday I will...when the word procrastination doesn't exist in the dic.

There you go! The amazing saxophonist and I!

*Let me go check if the word procrastination does exist in my dictionary. :D

Went to have supper with Ivan, Fergie and HF after that. Crapped the whole supper session.

Nites! 114


Kokd said...

Hey dear, where are the pics you wanted to take of your formal suit and killer heels??

CL said...

Haha! Amazingly I bumped into my friend, CH in the cafeteria today! After all, the word procrastination doesn't really exist in my dictionary! Hahahah. How silly.

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