Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yet another Valentine's Day without him.
According to him, it's the 4th V Day in a row we failed to celebrate together.
I have to admit. I've lost count.
I didn't mean it the bad way, but V Day has been just another lame normal day for me throughout these years.
Read this : ESCAPE (to save me from repeating)

As a typical girl, obviously I want this day to be a special one where I can celebrate it with him.
But it seems that it has been impossible for the past 4 years.
Nevertheless, to me, V Day is just V Day.
It doesn't really mean anything to me besides a card and a phone call.
But I still appreciate the effort he puts in for this day from thousands of miles away.
Like they say, it shouldn't be the only day you show your love to your loved ones by buying flowers or chocs, etc.
If you truly love someone, you should be doing it more often than just on V Day alone to show how much you love her.

Anyways, I'm not gonna continue emo-ing now because I celebrated (oh well, sort of) V Day in a whole new way!
Like I mentioned in my earlier post, my coursemates and I went to Genting on last Thursday!

We took the night bus from Jawi Toll at midnight and reached Genting at about 5am.
It was damn cold, I was practically stuttering every single word that came from my mouth.

Very few people were in sight, we headed to the lobby and MC and ST queued up to get the number for us to check-in.
Surprisingly, we were at No. 188, despite how early it was but I see that number as a good omen. :))

While waiting for the counters to open, we went to McD in the First World Plaza to savour some breakfast before kicking off our day with fun-filled activities!!

Already felt the adrenaline rush in McD at 6am. :)

Dawn in Genting with the Outdoor Theme Park as background.
Pardon my silhouette. Was it even mine???

Anyways, we hung around at the plaza and snapped pics while waiting for the ticketing counter to open and out of sudden, people started crowding at the counter and some brainless people do not seem to know how to wait in queue and started pushing like useless craps.

Immediately after getting our wrist band, we went on the rides, of course!
Started with the Venetian inspired ride. HAr HAr.

I must say this fellow scares me most of the time.

Next was the indoor roller coaster which I've forgotten what it's called.
So lame and slow, I shouted for the sake of having fun since it was my first "roller coaster" ride of the day.

Then we continued with some bumper cars and flying Jumbos (forgotten it's name as well) which I think was meant for lil kids (heheh) before going for the ultimate ride : Corkscrew.

I did not even scream at all when I was on the corkscrew mainly because I was busy searching for the camera so that my pic will turn out nice...but to no avail. :(( So yea, I was vaining as usual. Hehe.
So in the end, I didn't manage to show the perfect pose for the camera.
It was so fast and I was trying to keep my heart from falling off my chest.

Next up was the fun-kart!
Picture taken before the lady gave us a talk on the safety precautions and bla-bla-bla.

And one stupid fellow over took me so dangerously when I was driving. Felt like making him *bangbang* at that time. Urgh! :P

Thanks to the corkscrew and jumbos, I was already feeling a lil unwell and plus the kart-riding, I felt like a dead fish.
But I promised myself, I must always take a ride on this whenever I come to Genting :

and so I did.
It was totally AWESOME!!!!!!
Because a few of us decided not to try the Space Shot, we split as we got onto the machine.
ST went up with me but we settled at a different row of seats.
I was seated beside a couple and when I felt like I was falling in the speed of light, the two beside were as quiet as a mouse.
I screamed my lungs out and felt real silly after because I think they must be laughing at my reactions. Sigh.

Then I spotted a new (maybe not that new anymore) temptation at the outdoor theme park : Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland!

I felt like a kid once I stepped into the 'wonderland' because the decorations were really pleasing to the eyes and so were the colors!! Look at the pics!!
I couldn't help but to keep snapping and snapping because I felt so relaxed though the music played was all the latest RnB type. Hmmm.
And I think I heard the word "fcuk" in one of the songs played. Hmmm again.
So much for trying to attract the kids with the colors and chocolates.

All of us pampered ourselves with tonnes of chocolates!

What's with me and UK? Hmmm.

Coincidentally, Beryl's was having some Valentine's Day contest that day. Customers are entitled to a free photography service for the contest upon purchase of any of Beryl's chocolates and it was only for couples.
So, I went up to the man in suit who was in charge of the contest and asked him if we could enter the contest (actually I only wanted the free photography service) and he told us it's only for COUPLES.

Spot the guy.

I told him we have 5 couples here! And he was reluctant to let us enter at first. Hahah.
Then to prove that he shouldn't discriminate female 'couples' like us, I continued by saying that there's no rule saying that couples have to be of different genders. HAHAHA.
In the end, he said OK and we walked away!
Because we must purchase the printed photos for MYR5 after the picture was taken. =.="
Hmm. Effort wasted nia. HAHHA.

Happy and satisfied Beryl's Chocs customers!

Posing on the merry go round.

I don't know why but I have this phobia of getting into rides that spin. Eg: Merry-Go-Round, Ferris Wheel etc.

As my friends were about to go on the swinging ship (which I've also forgotten its name), it started pouring. :(

The day on the outdoor ended thanks to the rain so we went back into the plaza instead.
As the night approaches, the girls decided to spend some time singing at the karaoke.
We had our dinner there and dang, I forgot to take pics of our dinner. :(

At the entrance of the karaoke place.

Sang our hearts out though they don't really have the kind of songs I love but I guess I can make do with M2M, Westlife, Jordin Sparks' etc. :)



Kokd said...

Hey dear, I miss the time when we were up there together. But I guess a holiday with friends means doing things you normally would not do when I m around! Also, t here is a typo just before your space shot picture, its ride or sit on not sat. Love and Happy Valentines

CL said...

yeah i saw that too. was about to edit d then u told me u just left a comment here. and must u really point it out HEREEEEE??????? AHHAHA

XhInE said...

i'm keepin myself update...=)

CL said...

WEIIII!!! since when u have a blog eh!!??? HAHAHA. Yayyy!!! Update more often yeahhH!!! MIss u!!

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