Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes! It was my birthday yesterday! I turned 22 this year but honestly, I don't feel any older! HAHAHA.
Up till late yesterday, I do not have anything I want in particular.
I guess, simplicity is still the best.

But after giving it a thought, these made up the list of what I wish for my birthday this year!
1. To be a better person in whole.
2. To have a good health and lots of happiness.
3. To achieve better results in everything.
4. To be more optimistic.
5. To share happiness with everyone around me!

I know it sounds more like a self-improvement to-do list but I really can't think of anything else.
I tried to think of some girly stuffs which I would love to receive as presents but I know my limit and I don't think anybody would be able to fulfill it. So I might as well don't put any hopes on it, right?
Hence, I decided to come up with this list instead! Hehehe.
Not very smart but who cares!
It's my BIRTHDAY and I'm the main character today, right???

Anyways, I have an abundance of warm and well wishes from my family, BF and friends.
Felt really warm inside knowing that you guys actually took your time to text me, wrote on my Facebook and Friendster's wall, phone calls and even emails!
And most surprisingly, the first to wish me right on the dot was AMY OON!
My lil' cute dear who called me all the way from India! I was so touched I barely know what to say. Sorry Big Brain! I know the conversation was a lil' awkward cos my friends suddenly came crowding in my room and I could barely utter a word so I went like, "Urrr..."
I got so tongue-tied!

Then, my roomies and a few coursemates started to croon the birthday song and I got all-so excited!
My first official birthday song of the year!
Poor them have to wait for me to finish my conversation with Amy. Haahah.
But they were all so nice!!! THANK YOUUUUUU!!
I got presents from my roomies and my coursemates inclusive of junk food and a beetle dust cleaner!
THANK YOU AGAIN!! I'm just so glad that you guys remembered!

Not forgetting dear who called me a while after that! He even got me a present from La Senza.
It's a lil inappropriate to show it here so I decided to crop the pic. HAHAHAHA.

Oh, I decided to delete the cropped pic as well. HAHHAHA.

Don't get the wrong idea! :P
If you really wanna know what it is, ask him, don't ask me! HAHAHA.
And that's officially my very first La Senzaaaaaa. Ooh!

I could not help smiling to myself when I was in bed.
Feeling so happy that it's my birthday today!

Things were pretty normal in the morning when I headed to class.
After lunch, I headed back to my room and took a nap after dealing with some work and surfing the net.
To my surprise, at about 1535, I heard somebody knocking (more like BANGING) on my door so hard and loud, the door could fall off anytime then.
I opened the door thinking that it could be my room mate who misplaced the room key or something but...
it was my girlfriends and Hui Juan was standing in front of me holding a cake!
I was stunned and didn't know how to react! HAHAHA.
I was too shocked to even invite them to enter my room. ;P

Another birthday song was being sung and TADAAA! I've got a birthday cake this year!!

I really didn't expect to have any birthday cake for this year simply because everyone seems to be pretty busy with their work and stuffs but I was really glad they bought the cake!!
They told me the brand of the cake was KINGSTON. Woah. HAHAHA.

My first birthday kiss!

Camera shy friends. Hehehe.

I was overly excited till I forgot about a meeting with my lecturer at 1600.
Rushed to school in the gloomy weather and luckily wasn't late for the meeting. Hehe.

Dinner date with my cousin, Nicholas at Hotel Damai after that.
This hotel has been my most favourite place to dine at ever since I came to this ulu campus.
The price has gone up a little and so is the portion I think.
Nevertheless, their fried rice special will always have a special place in my heart! *grins*

The decor at the lobby of the hotel.

The man himself.

Dinner was delicious as usual though the service has lacked.
We even discussed about the news that made the headline today (5th Feb 2009).
All I can say about the issue was, @#$%^&*&^%$#@. (:

So, all in all, I had 3 birthday celebrations for my 22nd Birthday!!
I felt like the happiest girl on earth though the celebrations were simple but having to celebrate with the people I love, is already more than what I could ask for.
I had a very meaningful 22nd birthday indeed.

Before I end this post, I'd like to say,


*and that includes those who weren't there at that time, at least you guys still showered me with all the wishes! So,


from the bottom of my little heart. *smiles*


Simple Simon said...

haha...bagus bagus..
LA SENZAaaaa!!!! hehe

*done the tagging stuff d.. btw

Angie said...

hey girl....happy belated 22nd birthday ya!!! =D sorry for the late wish...i've been extremely busy these few days.....anyway, all the best to u!!!! ~hugsssss~

mie said...

hey gal, happy belated birthday ya... when we start to have the 2 in front time really flies, rite... i hope that u r healthy and excel in everything u do k...

Syaza said...

You should ask for more La Senza set from ur bf!! Its really cheap here!! i've been collecting them as well!! Gonna bring them all back to msia..i even bought some for my sister! ask him for more!! At least you'll know his taste..hahaha.. *cheeky*
Happy Birthday again love! Muahx!! =D

CL said...

Thanks for the wishes!! And Syaz, I think my bf's sooo gonna get headache after looking at ur comment. HAHAHAHA. Thanks for the telling me!! WAHAHAHA

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