Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happenings. Today.

Woke up at 0630 today, chatted for 1.5 hours with the BF and was almost late for class. :P
I guess waking up early in the morning wasn't such a bad thing after all.
Though I almost dozed off in 2 classes but it wasn't my fault!

Talking about lecturers,
You wana know why I dislike most of my lecturers?
First, they read every single word on the screen.
As if that's not bad enough, they become direct translator of whatever it is they just read.
If the class is meant to be taught in English language and us, the students are answering in English as well, why the heck do they have to menterjermah directly every single word into our national language?
I have nothing against BM, but the lecturers are wasting both sides' time cos they don't add any additional information when they explain in BM.
It's really like a translating class or some sort.

Secondly, our lecturers have very very small mouth that they find it hard to stretch it.
Hokkien people would say, "Chui kam kim".
Direct translation would mean as if they have gold bars in their mouth.
Who would ever be able to listen to you talking even if we give you our 100% attention?
His words are barely audible and worst still, he has rojak language in his notes.
One moment, you see a handwritten transparency in BM on the OHP and another minute, you will see a photocopied transparency in English.
Not powerpoint presentation or etc.
And it's all in BLACK & WHITE.

Choy, touch wood. Wouldn't wana die before tomorrow comes. :)


Anyways, let's turn the back the time to this early morning when I woke up.
So, I chatted with the BF and he surprised me with his Mandarin!
He said this in Chinese letters: "zhi neng rang ni kai xin wo shen me dou yuan yi."
(I couldn't find the exact Chinese letter to type here so...)
Then I went like, "Woahhh (and awwwww at the same time)." And I feel so loved immediately!
HAHAHAHA. Maybe a little too exaggerative.
But I never knew Chinese words can have that much impact on me!
Imagine if he says that English, I'll be like, "Okay...."
Fine, fine maybe not really that okay but it's just okay. You know...

Oh well, enough of me blabbering for the day.
Feeling a lil' satisfied and sleepy.

*Please look at my fingers and not peeping at my ang pow(s). =)

ps: Just watched HSM3 (AGAIN!) and still trying to finish the super long movie of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Really nice movies, I must say.

So, people.
How was your CNY?
I hope it was great cos mine was!


Kokd said...

Hey Dear, My CNY was cool,thought of starting to blog all aobut it..
Mua.. PS. im trying to improve my mandrin so bare with me yes?

Syaza said...

Happy birthday dear!!
I'll link ur blog to mine ok?
Love ya!
Take care! <3

两面的杰 said...

Ur Han Yu Pin Yin for those words all correct de wor..surprising lor..not bad not bad..hahaha

Simple Simon said...

happy birthday Chia Li~~~
hehe... very similar problems we having now with the lecturers.. local Uni ma..

CL said...

KOKD : I'll teach u my rojak mandarin also kay? Hehe..

Syaz : Great to see u hear! good! I'm gonna link u to mine too! :)

Fergie : Of course correct. I didn't get A in LAC 100 for NOTHING kay..HAHAHA

Simon : Thanks for the wish! Where's my present ar??

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