Monday, February 16, 2009

Genting Day 2

It's Day 2! It's Valentine's Day!
Woke up at 0830 hoping to visit the beautiful garden as told by PS.
Five of us (while the rest were still asleep like lil' piggies :] ) walked around the nearby area to search for it.
But sigh..all we saw was some lame garden with flowers that looked like they're almost gonna die anytime soon.
Feeling rather disappointed, I suggested my hobby to them instead : Photography! (to make it sound more professional)

And if you'd have noticed, I couldn't really smile properly in the following few pics because it was Valentine's Day.
As if it's not bad enough that I don't have my bf to accompany me on that day, the couples in Genting have to be so lovey-dovey, holding hands and flowers and stuffed toys and chocs and whatever-it-doesn't-matter-anymore-cos-i-was-so-sad things.
SIGH. I'm not blaming them la. I would have done the same too if Babe was with me.
But it's really heart breaking to see them together wearing couple Tees and all....
I could only hope for dreams that won't come true in the near future. :(

Still cannot smile.

Anyways, since it's CL's (another CL but she's ACL) birthday, (she turned 22 on V' Day!) we decided to have our lunch at Pizza Hut before boarding the bus back to Penang.
I hope she did enjoy herself though we didn't do anything much but hey, going all the way to Genting to celebrate her birthday is at least SOMETHING, right?

"Happy Birthday to you! I hope you enjoyed yourself in Genting though you missed the Space Shot because of the rain. But at least this time around, you got to enter the CASINO for the time!! Hehehe. May all your dreams come true!! :))"

Took the bus back at 15oo on Saturday but reached the Prangin Bus Terminal at??

A FREAKIN' 2330!!!!!!

Imagine how long I was in the bus, thanks to the hoo-hahs in Perak state now, a few roads were blocked since last 2 weeks.
In the end, the bus driver had to take another route which was so far and thank goodness for a person who has very super low tolerance on long bus trip, I could still survive. :)

So, that was the end of our Genting trip. We had fun though the rain ruined quite a lil of our day but it's ok!

ps: We got this humongous Karaoke room to ourselves! *grins* Look at the size of the screen!


I know my birthday is long gone but I just thought of sharing the sweetness of Babe and what he did for my birthday! :)

Received it on the 10th of February, though it was a lil' late but it's the heart that counts, no?
Was so excited when mom passed it to me!! Heheheh.

Too bad I can't show the content of the card because I'm afraid most of you will be too shocked of the geli-ness of the content. HAHAHAH.

I'm just kidding.

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