Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Fateful Day

Bicycle Pictures, Images and Photos

I had a bicycle accident while cycling back from the library today.
With no one else but myself.
Sad, right?
No serious injuries but I did get some scratches on my knuckles which hurts a little every now and then. :((

That wasn't the worst part.
The reason why I got this minor injury is because I was cycling at the corridor (which I wasn't supposed to) because the weather was practically burning my skin.
There were banners along the corridor but at that time, the wind was blowing quite strong and the banner was flying everywhere, blocking my way.
And, there was another fellow riding towards me.
I wanted to let him pass on my right side so I tried to cycle as fast as possible when the wind has calmed to avoid any mishap.
Apparently, I am a slow cyclist. :((

The wind blew the banner and I was kinda shocked and too late to avoid the banner.
It hit my face a little and my bicycle was out of control because I couldn't see for one millisecond.
THANK GOD I didn't fall off the bicycle.
In that split second, I didn't know what to do but to think that it was so embarrassing to let him see me in that position.
So, I don't know why but I just gave him a big grin suddenly as if it was very funny to get hit by the banner. XP

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He did smile back (more like giggling to himself) and I sped off after that.

I hope I'll never meet him again!! Eeeeeeeeeeeee.
Even if I do, I hope he loses his memory on what happened today!

I came back and continued this :

Bedtime Stories Pictures, Images and Photos

Funny movie again by one of my all time favorite comedians, ADAM SANDLER!!
He can never fail to make me laugh in all of his movies!
And whoever says Jim Carrey is the funniest man on earth, THINK AGAIN!
I'm a fan of the latter too but not as much as this guy here! Hehehe.
I keep on forgetting the name of the other silly/disgusting/pathetically funny comedian who appears quite often with Adam Sandler.
*Just found out his name from Google : Rob Shneider!

In my opinion, Jim Carrey makes people laugh through his actions which is quite superficial at times.

jim carrey Pictures, Images and Photos

But I do love his silly actions. Hehehe.

However, I find Adam Sandler is rather genuine in his actions and somehow he can make me laugh just by looking at him!

I'm not gonna talk about Rob Shneider here because I think he's very disgusting!
The roles he plays all this while make me feel disgusted more than anything else.
Have you seen him in "The Hot Chick" and "The Animal"?
Hmm. No comment.
But still quite funny though. :)

I don't feel like summarizing the movie but I can tell you those two little kids are soooooooooo adorable!!
Bobby and Patrick!

Go watch!
*I don't think they still have it in the cinemas though. :)

ps: You can still ask from me if you want a copy of Bedtime Stories but be quick because I'll usually delete it a few weeks after I watched the movie. :)

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