Friday, February 6, 2009


I only say that because today is such an unproductive day for me and I have meetings, subjects and lab reports to be done and revised.
That explains why I decided to save my 45 minute journey back to my little island and stay in campus instead.
However, lately I've been doing some reviews on online shopping and cameras. I realize DSLR cameras are so FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!
I wana get one for myself!! Then can ask Babe to teach me how to make full use of it. Hhehe.

Some of my experiences with Babe's DSLR :

One thing about DSLR I don't really admire is the clarity of the pics.
I don't deny that I love how DSLR cams are able to show clearly every single detail of the pic but when I camwhore, all my flaws are visibleeeeeeeee! HAHAA.
And that actually induced me to take care of my skin even more!

See how clearly the difference on both our legs is shown here with his DSLR. HAHAHA.

Obviously I'm not gonna show pics of my not-so-flawless face for you all to stare at. DUH.
Nonetheless, it's still the best camera I've come across so far.

*Is it too late to include DSLR in my birthday wishlist just in case any prince charming out there came across my blog and willingly get me one??*

And that's one of the many many reasons why I want Babe to come back quick so that I can play around with his DSLR!!

Well, talking about online shopping, it is evidently not a new thing to explore these days.
I used to wonder where did all those pretty and hardly found clothes come from when I was scoping other girls' facebook photos or maybe while I was blog hopping. :D
Now I wonder no more.
I did online shopping once before at a local website (can't remember its name) with the help of my bro.
The product came to me in perfect condition so I don't think I have any problem trusting this way of business deals.
But hor, right now with my going-to-dry-any-minute-if-I-don't-control purse, I better talk less about online shopping.

Time to continue my "awesome" weekend!

Till then, take care y'all!

ps: I just realised I only blogged about the first day of CNY. The next few days of it will be blogged if not lazy enough. HAHAHA.

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