Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bombardment? NOT!

So...I went to see my lecturer with the rest of the group members to get back our assignment today.
We went at about 10am sharp and thanks to the big guy, A, whom purposely opened and peeped into our lecturer's room (which was then still filled with other students facing the same torment) in order to get noticed.
Indeed he did a great job. WAHHAAH.
The students then came out from his room looking like they have just been shot buy a machine gun, one of them being a member of my another assignment group.
I was coughing due to my nervousness and my head spun so bad due to being sleep deprived I thought I was going to die though I was already told about our marks by other friends.

So, we went in and our assignment was on top of the rest.
I saw the 11/12 being slashed and a 10/12 right beside it.
My heart sank when I knew he deducted our marks, without even listening to our explanations.
Then he said, "Let me reply this email for a while."
So I was like, "Okay...u better make this quick cos my heart will just jump out without a notice and I'll be dead by then." Obviously I said this in my heart-lah.

Then, he faced us and took a look at our assignment.
First word : Good
Second word : Good
Third word : Of some praises alike and all.
I was a lil relieved knowing he sounded satisfied with our work.
Then he went on asking us some random but not pointless questions.
He was pretty friendly and gave us some advices on how we could have improved our assignments.
I must admit he has really high expectations on his students.
But I thank God because I did not choose the material which he has been or still doing research on.
If not, an even worse scenario would have happened!

We left the room a while after LCC came knocking on the door.
I was more calmed then eventhough he added only 0.5 in the end.

Then, both CLs went to have roti planta for breakfast! Perhaps to celebrate?
Hahah. No-lah. We just happened to crave for the same thing at that very-rare-few-times-when-our-minds-actually-cross-each-other's time.
I'm glad we managed to put behind each other's misunderstandings throughout the making of the assignment.
Thank you, you!!

I'm also glad we did well in this assignment though it's only 5 marks in total.
Because it simply shows hard work does pay off.
Just a random reminder, there's no shortcut to success. :)
*Even when I cheat during quizzes, something bad will always happen after that.
HAHAHAHAHA. Serve me right la hor.

*Disclaimer : If you feel that I'm showing off my semicond assignment marks to the rest of the world to read and know about it, come on. Please bear in mind that this is MY BLOG. A place I where I'm obviously allowed to rant and ramble without having to ask anyone's consent. If you still find it offensive and decided to judge me because of this, please do not bother to read my blog anymore. Because it's simply not meant for ppl like you. :)


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Kokd said...

Hey DEAr!!! M nite WAS Great.. I wonder if we can attend some time in the future.. the rate its going, it will be best in UK!!

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