Monday, February 9, 2009

5th Anniversary!

This was supposed to be written on 24th January, which was our Anniversary date.
Having caught up with a lot of homeworks and assignments, I had to postpone the entry till today. =P

As most of you have already known, this year is my 5th anniversary with Babe.
So many things we've been through since 2004, be it good or bad, we learn our mistakes and we treasure the best moments we had together.

This is not the first time Babe and I couldn't celebrate this day together.
It's not easy, to have to bear with the emotions when someone you love is so far away.
Though we're both separated physically for now, but I know deep down inside, we are already one.

To Babe,
Thank you for showering me with your unconditional love.
Years have passed but I can't help but to feel that strong feeling I still have for you.
Whenever I'm sad, you will somehow find a way to put back the smile on my face.
You never complained and always put up with my stunt and childish acts.
Whenever we're together, I feel like the world seems to only revolve around us.
When you hold my hand, it feels as though I have somebody to protect me from harm.
I'm sorry for all the hurtful things I've said and done. But I know you'll always forgive me because you love me.

Thanks for all the wonderful memories we've built together.
I know it's not easy to have such a demanding GF like me, but hey, YOU DID VERY WELL!!
I miss you.
I missed the times we were together, doing silly things and keep hitting each other's tooth when we tickled each other.
I missed the look on your face when you whispered that three words to me.
I missed the way you laughed at my not-so-funny jokes.
I missed the times when you will always make sure I reached my house whenever you dropped me home.
I missed your hugs and kisses.

Since I found you,
:: I began to understand what true love means.
:: I feel like the world is filled with hopes and that dreams do come true.
:: I learned to love myself even more before knowing how to love others.
:: I'm grateful each day for having you to think of every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed.
:: I never wished that I could turn back time because I only wanna see what the future holds for us.
:: I learned the word patience in a whole new level.
:: I learned to be a better person with you by my side.

No words can express how much you mean to me.
It's been 4 months since you left and 5 months left before I get to be in your arms again.
I'll still be waiting. Waiting for the day we get to be together again.
Life hasn't been easy since you left, but I know you will be back someday.
I'm holding on to the words you gave me.
Let's hope the we will have even more anniversaries worth celebrating for in the future.



ps: SHOW OFF TIME! Look what Babe has gotten for me for our 5th Anniversary!! Thank you, dear!! :))))


Syaza said...

Congrats dear!!
Happy for you too!!
Nk kawen ajak i tau!! =)

CL said...

HAHAA. so long still before i kahwin laaa. HAHAH. But don't worry! I'll surely invite u! But need to wait a few more years..perhaps a decade? AJHAH

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