Saturday, January 3, 2009

Time to Turn Over A New Leaf Perhaps?

Happy 2009 EVERYBODY!

And also to Babe in London! Misssh you.

I'm feeling lazy to write a long entry about what I did on NYE because I'm now very sick with flu, sore throat and phlegm and all these are not helping me with my lab report!!! Ish-ness.

Oh well, I'll just leave you guys with the pics I took at Autocity on NYE.

Do ENJOY! :)

The ultimate crime scene.

Accompanied by Heineken, we are STILL not satisfied.

Before it all started.

Since the year 2000.

Ahh..this one's taken with the ultimate performers of the night!
Well done!! :)

So now, after browsing through my pics, I hope you guys had fun that night as well.
As for me, I still need to recuperate. Issssssssh.

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