Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something to Brag About

Hey you all! :))

Okay. This is bad. I can't seem to view my own effing blog!!! Grrr.
I've got so many stories to share over the past few days and I kept wondering why I can't view my blog!!
After doing a lil bit of thinking, I think I found the culprit who caused this.
My dumb-a*s UNI!!! Arghh!!
They probably disapprove any kind of gaining money through websites like Nuffnang. Oh, what the heck.

Anyhow, I've been on the top of the world for the past few days.
It could be due to my new hairstyle....or it could be my new iPod Shuffle from Babe!!

Most probably the latter though. Hehehe.
So, yes I received my late Christmas present all the way from UK!

My hp camera isn't of the best quality. Do pardon me. :)

It comes in a small tiny box! :))

See? So mini and sleek!

Better late than never, right?
Long story to be told on how I managed to get my hands on this baby (iPod).
Should I call it Baby? Appie? Pronto is taken by pink doggie key chain. Fine, Appie sounds weird and Baby is taken too, HAHHAHA. Think CL, think!
And the best part is, Babe had our initials engraved on it!!
"With Love, from KK to CL, Happy 2009!!"

Not to mention it's a Special Edition Apple iPod Shuffle and it's metallic red! Whee~~
It's so nifty and I can now jog and listen to my favorite songs at the same time!! :)))
Ohh the wonders of gadgets and those that make it happen. HAHAH.

Remember I said in my last post that I'll be doing something for the first time?
I had my hair curled and highlighted!!

Before it's highlighted.

It's so curly now even some of my coursemates couldn't recognise me!
Maybe that's a big too much but that was what I was told okay!
You wouldn't wana know how much it cost me to do that. It was absurdly priced.
I've received compliments and critics from family and friends..some said I look nicer and some said I look more mature now.
And some boh-lor-iong fellows in my class called me Auntie! Hahah. I couldn't care less about what they said.
As long as I'm happy with my hair, that's all that matters, right?
And as long as Babe would be happy with it when he comes back in 5 months' time! *Yayyyy*

Yesterday was even better! Initially.
I did some glass related experiment and I was so thrilled!

Having to be able to play with glass and fire was really fun until..

I burnt my own finger.

However, I managed to make myself proud okay! I melted the glass and blew it to a balloon shape! You can even fill water in it until Heng Fatt broke it! Urgh.
I even stretched the glass rods till glass fibers are formed! So thin, so fragile yet so fun!
Eik. Looks like I really love doing labs wei. Hahaha.
These are among the glasses we deformed.
That's my hand holding my another Baby. Haha.

So my days have been filled with with homeworks and assignments and quizzes.
So stressed. I have my head spinning in the speed of light. Head hin liao.
But I'm still very excited. Plus I've gotten myself new stuffs for CNY!
Though I'm still very much broke, it'd be wise for me to be more thrifty.
More new things should only come when money supplier actually supplies me with my money.
!@#$%T^Y& (that's for delaying my $$ for so long!! Hhhmmph!)

Last but not least, thanks to Babe for making me so happy!! Muah muah muahhhhhhh!
Got to rush for my homework now!
Till next time,


Quin said...

nice hair do~ i like the colour of your ipod. exactly the colour of my hair now! i dyed and highlighted my hair for the first time too. you're the first i told :) hehe.... 2009 is a good year for some good changes~

ps: your lab experiments sounded real interesting!

CL said...

aww..i feel so honored! Haha. WOW! red highlight is soooo cool!!! i would love to try that one day! :D
hopefully we'll meet up real soon ya! CNY perhaps?

Quin said...

cny definitely!! going to eve's open house, right?

CL said...

erm. when hor? i think she mentioned b4. can't really rmb though. good then! can celebrate CNY together!! :))) u giving me ang pow rite?? ahaahh

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