Monday, January 5, 2009

Lab Day

Phew. After being so anxious about my first lab since I haven't done it in a year, I finally get to breathe a sigh of relief.
Today's lab was good! Though there were some obstacles in finding out the material, but it was all good.
At least now I know what a dilatometer is. Heehee.
By the way, can anybody tell me is there any material which has zero thermal expansion? Just one of the few questions mentioned by Dr. Sabar :)
Now, all that's left to do is to deal with MS Excel. :(

And Shu Hong, I did not compose the song I posted below. Hahaha.
Thanks for having that thought though. At least someone thinks I could be talented in some ways. Heehee.

Now that I'm feeling better, I think I should be blogging more often.
Let's talk about New Year resolution. Do you have any?
As for me, I haven't had any resolution since God knows how long.
I don't know what's with me, not having even one resolution for the new year.
But I did come across people who made their NY resolution just for the fun of it and unwilling to put any effort in making it come true.
So, what's the use of making one? I'm not saying I won't work for it but I feel that resolutions are good, but most people take it lightly.
Nuff bout that-lah.

I'm going to have to start planning for my another long-awaited holiday!
Wheee!~ I'm going to make someone really broke this time.
That's for being so cocky about your earnings. HAHAHAHA.

Last but not least,



Quin said...

true! what's the point of making resolutions if you have no intentions of achieving them? i usd to make reslutions a mile long and by the end of the year, i don't even remember it.

so my resolution is only one, this year, so far. i hope to achieve that.

Simple Simon said...

haha.. i heard we'll only receive our ptptn on the 21st... sob

CL said...

serious?? why 21st??? i thought mine is because it's a special case since i din receive the agreement letter. OMG. my CNY is screwedddddd.

KQ: haha, i hope ur resolution is not the same as Eve's and CY's. you know la what they want for this year..... :)

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