Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Need To Be Back On Track!


i so freakingly need to get back to my study mood!!!

i almost dozed off in ceramics class!!!

i need to stop using exclamation marks!!!


i need to feel energized..!!!!!!!!!!!

bah. bye.

ps: How-lah to get into study mood when CNY's around the corner?

Actually I realised I am excited about CNY only because I get to buy new clothes.
Not really because of meeting my relatives.
I'm BAD. I know. :)
Ok-lah, maybe a part of me is denying what I just wrote.
But shopping is like an all purpose remedy for me okay...

Besides, who doesn't like shopping?
Only if you think the whole fashion industry is against you.
And that, my friend, that is a BIG GI-NORMOUS problem you should solve ASAP.


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