Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Need A Break!

Okay people. I guess I should have told you guys that the title of the song I posted a few days back isn't "Lucky (to have you)".
It's actually called "Lucky" ONLY.
I added "to have you" for the sake of the person I was dedicating the song to.
So, I apologize if you guys googled the wrong title over the net. :) My bad.

Lab report for the week - DONE
Redo proposal - DONE
Semiconductor Assignment - Reaching there....
Metallurgy Assignment - Haven't even started.

So you see, I'm not gonna enjoy my CNY break as much as I wanted to.
Well, I supposed Metallurgy assignment could possibly finish by....tonight?

I've been so stressed for the whole 2 weeks!
At least I guess staying over the weekend did somehow help me to ease some things off my shoulders.

I just wanna go shopping.
Is that too much to ask???


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