Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Boring Day

About the FROG I mentioned below..oh well. He's of no importance.
My day was bad enough yesterday and he made it even worse by making me the group leader. :((
And that's all about him.
At least, today when I met him, he was very friendly and nice to us.
He has always been 'wayyy' too friendly with the girls.
I should have heeded Fabien's advice when he told me how pervert he is.
But I'm still very safe and sound.
So, no worries!

Nonetheless, Babe was nice enough to accompany me throughout yesterday.
Through MSN and phone calls, of course.
I've been reminded over and over again about how grateful I should be having such a wonderful BF.
Thanks Babe. Let's repay you by making you famous in my blog. HAHHA.
Just kidding.

I've got tonnes of assignments to hand up before and after CNY!
And what's worse, I need to be doing my assignment on CNY as well.
Yes, on the very auspicious day.
Hopefully I'll be able to put it through.

Sigh. Now I better get myself ready for a meeting.
Wouldn't wana be late as an unwillingly appointed 'LEADER'.
Kill me pleasssse.

ps: I went to see the doctor today. And when it was my turn to get the medicine, I forgot that I had to pass to the medical asst. my slip before she could give me my medicine.
Then there I was, sitting down like a fool, thinking that she'll call my name automatically. Hence I waited for almost 10 mins!! Till the guy after me who waited for a while lost his patience and went to pass his slip to her. Then I realised how stupid I was. :S

pps: Amy (all the way from India) told me she had this "miss small brain moment" last nite. sweet of her huh! I miss that girl too!
We've known each other since 6 years ago and I'm glad that we're still keeping in touch! Miss you lots too, BIG BRAIN!!! Heheh.

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