Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Unconditional Love

Ahh. As though the day has not been sad enough for me and now MixFM has to play Avril’s “When You’re Gone”. I decided to write this entry right after I finished reading “Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks. (WARNING: Nicholas Spark’s fans who haven’t read this one, please do not continue reading my entry J)It’s been quite a while since I read good books like this one. Initially, it took me quite a while to get hooked to this book not only because I’m not an avid reader but the beginning was pretty expected. Lovey-dovey couple story, how they met and fell in love. Everything sounds typical in the beginning. It wasn’t until 2 days ago that I decided to grab the book and continued where I stopped. As the story goes on, I realized I could somehow relate the story and the characters to my own life. It wasn’t entirely similar but I guess I could feel how Savannah, the girl in the book felt, having to wait for a guy who can’t be beside you most of the time. However, their case was much worse than mine considering that the couple can only meet 2 weeks in a year whereas I could see Babe 3 months in a year. Sounds pretty ok but after reading the book..gosh. My heart shattered into pieces. It’s so unfair how two people who are so much in love with each other but in the end they couldn’t be together. The story revolves around a guy, John Tyree who enrolled in the army after finished schooling and during one of his breaks, he met and fell in love with Savannah, a grad student and volunteer in some house building for the poor or something. So, it went about on how they eventually fell in love with each other and that John’s time was up and had to fly back to Germany to resume his service. She was willing to wait, at first as he still comes back in June, but for 2 weeks leave only as usual. It wasn’t easy for a girl who just fell in love with someone and to expect her to wait for someone whose chance of surviving isn’t certain, was definitely a tough one. However, 9/11 occurred and as a devoted soldier, he chose to serve the country instead of love. The waiting took its toll on the girl and she somehow felt in love with Tim, her best friend since they were small, who has always been in love with her. The climax of the story happened when John’s father passed away and left him a whole lot of money. While grieving over his dad’s death, John went to find Savannah and found out that she got married to Tim. Heart was crashed as he kept dwelling with his past with Savannah but soon enough, John got to know that Tim has Melanoma and some complications after the treatments and surgeries. Savannah barely made it through the days but they both know they still love each other but it was too late. Savannah is Tim’s wife now and she loves him, but not exactly like the way she felt for John. It was this conversation that made them went on with their own lives as John told Savannah it’d be better if they don’t meet again, because in this way, it can only mean that Tim’s gonna be okay and John will never be with Savannah. Finally decided to take the money his dad left for him and contributed in Tim’s medication and in the end, Tim did not entirely recover but it seems that he has a better chance to fight the challenge now. And the hero and heroine did not live happily ever after. I couldn’t hold back my tears. It was a bit too much for me because I was afraid the same thing would happen to me. Hopefully not the death and the disease but the way their story ended. But all I can deal with now is the present, not the past nor the future.

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