Monday, December 22, 2008


At this time of the year, most people will usually reflect on all the things that had happened to them throughout the year, regardless of the good or the bad ones.
Same goes to me, for the past weeks, staying at home gave a me a great chance to do that.

I thought about my family, him, friends and my future.
I thought about my family, the reason I'm here and what would I be without them.
I thought about him, the source of my happiness.
I thought about my friends, the people who shower me with great love when I needed it.
I thought about my new semester, another step closer towards achieving my goal.
I thought about my final exam results and it made me smile.

2008 has been somewhat meaningful to me as I've began to explore deeper into the relationship between human beings and how they can affect our lives.
However, I still feel missing. Somehow there's an empty space in my heart and I have the urge of filling it.

Am I being greedy?
Something just doesn't feel right in me. I can't seem to be excited even when festive seasons are around the corner.
Maybe these 6 clones can do the trick?

Courtesy of KOKD

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