Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jingle Bell Rocks the Party! Not Santa Claus!!

Whatever the title means. Hmm. My uni friends decided to change their minds and came to Penang Island today instead. But since I already promised OCY, so I couldn’t join them. Sorry people!! Oh well, here are some of the events that happened at Sunnyville that night :

::: Lots of cute and hot girls, be it Caucasians or Asians.

::: Dutch, German, Finnish, American dudes…*speechless*

::: We practically brought the house down without having to be in a club. Nah, just kidding. Haha. It was more decent than I thought it would be.

::: Vodka + rum = Minty. Not exactly but still, it felt like your throat is burning after drinking it.

::: The most adorable girl award goes to Katzu San (I hope I got her name right), the cute Japanese girl we met that night.

::: The hottest guy award goes to…I shall keep it that way. Haha. Wouldn’t want them to find out whom just in case if they happen to read my blog then I’m doomed!!

::: Smokes, cigarettes, liquor. Not really my kind of thing.

::: Santa in an undersized shirt with his belly and boxer shown and a strawberry image behind it. Think about it. And when he was drunk, OMG.

::: Gift exchange! I got a pack of chopsticks, small notebook and a book holder from Robert, the Dutch. Though they’re all made in Penang, but it’s alright lah. I bet they didn’t expect so many Malaysians to be there anyway. Hehe.

::: Food : Plenty of varieties. The starters filled the whole table and silly us for thinking that that was it. I didn’t even try the main course!! Mashed potatoes from Lauri, perhaps? Hahaha.

::: Photos : None taken by yours truly. *frowns*

I was accompanied by high school mates : OCY, Eve, KQ, KR and HF! It was a new experience for me, being under the same roof with a whole bunch of Caucasians and not being intimidated by them! Hahaha. Though having to sustain a conversation especially with …. was well, a little torturing but haha, nice experience.

How was your Christmas people??
OMG I feel like a grandmother compared to what KQ has written about the party. Heehehe.


Kokd said...

Hey dear! You had vodka and rum??
Ooo... were you high after that??


Missing you babe.

Simple Simon said...

happy new year cl..
thx for the pics again ^^
have a blessed year ahead !!

Quin said...

i didn't write much about the party also. in fact, i tot urs was more detailed than mine. nevertheless, it was great hanging out with you, chia li!!!

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