Thursday, December 18, 2008

It Wasn't That Bad After All

Luckily, God has a better plan for me after all that has happened to me during the past weeks. Now that my face has gotten better, I realized good things are on their way to me!! (Just in case if you’re wondering what happened to my face, stop wondering.) Mei Chen text me that final results are out today. I had no idea how I should feel. I was terrified when Hui Juan and Fergie asked for my results. I haven’t checked yet at that time and they sounded so happy. Good for them, I thought to myself. I messaged Kok to check my results for me and he kept me waiting for more than 2 hours!! I was in agony thinking of my results and finally he called but not with the results. Sighs sighs sighs. And I realized I gave him the wrong web address. Oops. Hehe. Sorry Babe. I then called Eve immediately to get the correct web and I practically laughed throughout the phone conversation with Babe after knowing my results. And from that moment onwards, I think I started to believe in miracles. HAHAHAHA. Seriously lar. Nevertheless, I'm proud of myself. HAHAHA. Anyways, after 2 weeks of pain and tears, I’m finally prepared to get out from the house and be my old self again. This time, with a new skin (FYI, I did not undergo plastic surgery) not only for myself, but for my car as well!! There’ll be a high school reunion tomorrow night. Hopefully OCY can make it then we can all meet up again!!! Nites people.

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