Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ahh. Now I know what has been bugging me lately. Decision making.
To go with my heart or let my mind lead the way?
In the end, I chose to go with my heart.

I've been trying to make up my mind on whether or not to spend the holiday with my university friends or join my good ol' friends in a party with a bunch of foreign exchange students.
I know, I know, most of you will say it'd be nice to make new friends and what's more, I'll be joining my old friends.
But, I bet most of you know how 'well' my socializing skills are, no?
I'll tend to be superbly quiet when I'm around newly known people.
Hmm...probably it has something to do with self-esteem. Okay fine, TOTALLY.

And so...the almighty CL Teh has made a wonderful decision.
:::Christmas Eve will be spent with my old high school friends, not to mention with the hope of meeting cute German guys..hee..and thanks to my cousin, Nicholas Saw, it's possible now!!


:::Christmas Day will be booked for my university girl friends!!

Ain't I just so brilliant? HAHAHA.
So I guess my holidays won't be that boring anymore!! *grins*

However, good things must always come to an end. WHY??
After Christmas Day, I'll most probably be hibernating at home again unless miracle happens once again.
The dumbo*&^%^$ mechanics just can't seem to keep up to their words and I'll be car-less for the weekend.

I have so many things planned out for my weekend holiday and thanks to them, none will come true.

And guess what my first Christmas present of the year would be??
It's gonna be the FIRST and the BEST!!!
Need some hints perhaps?
It is a gadget and its name starts with an I and it has a D letter in it.
4 letter word. Any more letter will be rather redundant because it'll easily reveal what it is.
I shall reveal it when the time comes (when I finally get to feel it).
Am so excited right now!! *grinsgrinsgrins*

Here are some pics for you to enjoy while I'm away during the holidays!!

My first Christmas tree!!

Before the lights are lit.


Just some random views from my house window.

I likey this!!

Anyways, before I end this entry, to all my fellow friends and readers:



****A WONDERFUL YEAR OF 2009****



两面的杰 said...

almight CL Teh? Are u?=p

Simple Simon said...

merry merry Christmas..
thanks a million for the photos...
feels good to see u today ^^

Kokd said...

Hey Dear, Merry Christmas!! I'll be thinking of you from here always.. Cant wait to spend more time with you..=)

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