Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ivan's Surprise Birthday Celebration

It’s the day and I asked Ivan out for his birthday dinner at Breeze Café, right next to Naza Hotel as recommended by my sister. First thing in the morning after breakfast with mom, I bought a blackberry + chocolate cake for him and passed it to Chenn Yang after lunch time. Since I was around the neighbourhood, I decided to drop by OCY’s house to pass her Gossip Girl and Heroes series. I was virtually rushing like a mad dog and almost freaked out to see the jam near the bridge. Thank God I came back home just in time for the dinner. Little did Ivan know, I already planned everything out and asked my friends to meet us at the café and surprise him with the cake. Hehe. So, Ivan came at about 1745 to pick me up from my house to our destination. I was like texting Chenn Yang all the way and thinking to myself that Ivan’s so gonna suspect something weird must be going on seeing me texting this way. Haha. I was told that my accomplices have reached the place and soon enough, Ivan and I made it to the café as well. As we were about to sit down, I suddenly asked Ivan to switch to another seat so that he will not be able to see them entering through the entrance. I know, I can’t be more pathetic than that but I’ve got no choice! So, I told him to switch place with the reason that he can have a better sea view (which was 95% true, only that it was getting dark ). Haha. Amazingly, he did not even say anything and just sat at where I told him to. At that time, I was thinking, dang, another poorly done plan. It wasn’t part of my plan la anyway. Haha. So after ordering, we started to chat awkwardly to each other and tadaa! They came in with the cake I bought and started singing the birthday song. I was so carried away that I actually forgot to snap pics or take any video at that moment. So, dang again for screwing my initial plan. The pics taken were after the candles were blown and the cake was cut. Oops. Anyways, we had a great dinner accompanied by weird and funny conversations. Next up, we decided to go to Gurney since they haven’t been there before and thought that it’d be a great time to have a visit there. So, we walked around aimlessly while me and the girls were admiring the beautiful yet expensive (assumption made) dresses shown at the display corner. Then I was thinking of getting a book for Babe and we headed to MPH. I guess I saw a few books that suit him at this time. Haha. It was a requested Christmas present anyway. Nah, request + own initiative lar. Anyways, all those walk made our stomachs grumble again and we went to have Lok Lok as our supper! It was my first time to have supper at the Pulau Tikus Market and gosh, I really think Penangites are so blessed! We have like food everywhere, all the time! Though the Lok Lok was rather expensive, but I enjoyed myself there being with my close friends. We headed home after supper and I was glad knowing that the birthday boy did enjoy himself! *smiles*
Ps: I’m available for a month for planning surprises. Anyone wants to hire me? Haha. Okay, it wasn’t a big wow wow surprise but at least it was something, right? Cheers! 

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Kokd said...

So sweet dear. Sorry I could not be there for your 21st but doesnt make u less special does it? Miss you.

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