Sunday, November 23, 2008


Holidays have officially started yesterday. Yet, due to my extreme laziness, I decided to not work during the holidays though I’m still very broke. L Anyways, today is Friends’ Day! Well, I declared it on my own of course. After much persuasion and confusing decisions, OCY, Eve and I made up our minds and decided to go to Gurney to have lunch. We reached Gurney at about 3pm and followed Eve to visit the new ladies’ room at the new wing. HAHA. I was rather disappointed with the furnishing and designs in the mall as they do not look much different from the existing ones in QB or even 1U. Anyhow, we stopped at Manila Place to fill our growling stomachs and continued to have our girl talk for almost 2 hours (I think) before heading off to Secret Recipe. And our talk continued. Somehow it felt as though we haven’t met for ages and trying to catch up on each other as much as possible. It sure felt right. J We dropped by at Watsons at the basement to get some necessities and guess who we bumped into! SHEENA WONG! Together with Samson and another two friends of hers. The day just can’t get any better! Meeting old friends felt really warm inside, ya’ know? Hehe. So, the following weekend will be booked for her! Hopefully can get to go makan-makan again! Gosh, I love being a Penangite!

To better days during my holidays, CHEERS!

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