Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Updates (Too lil time to think of the title)

Hui Juan messaged me in the morning telling me she has a surprise for me in my blog but alas, I do not have internet connection at home! Dang. No wonder my life’s been so pitifully boring. She said she commented something on my entry. Hmm..it better be good. Haha. Anyways, it struck my mind that Ivan’s birthday is tomorrow! Seeing that I was pretty bored and have lots of free time, I decided to plan a surprise birthday celebration for him! I guess everybody should have a memorable 21st birthday in their life, hence I started making calls and texting friends who are as bored as I am to become my accomplices for the event. Hehe. Well, it was my first time planning a surprise so I was hoping that it would turn out well! The accomplices are: Sin Tian, Choon Li, Shu Hong and Chenn Yang. Too bad the rest are not staying in Penang, if not it’d be much fun!
Till tomorrow, XOXO.

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