Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Things We Do On The Last Day of Study Week.

Like the title says it, today is my last day of study week.
Hope it has been fruitful but the results will tell.

Anyways, here are the pics taken by my efficient photographer and yours truly, of course.

Will blog about it in maybe next week?


The group of 15 who visited the B'worth library thanks to the 7 hours blackout in our campus.

Aviators are so not for me. :((

The two besties. Aren't they cute??

Our dearest girl, Sin Tian and the girl with the angelic voice in yellow, Stephanie Sun, oops! I mean Huey Cheng!

Amongst the delicious food we had.

The guy who always wants to avoid his face being photographed.

Our Goddess, Choon Li, never ever mess with her intelligence!

They guys say, "Don't you think we're macho??"

Well, basically that was what we did but I need to further elaborate when I have the time.

Wish me LUCKKK!

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