Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Should I or Should I Not?

Been doing a lot of thinking since I received the email yesterday.
Should I receive it and be bonded for 5 years?
It was stated 4 years back in the website.
Now, with 5 semesters of scholarship, I need to work or to be more precise, be trained under them.
Training attachment.
Is that really what I want after I graduate?
Obviously I would prefer a proper job instead of just training.
But looking at the economic downfall now, is it worth risking a chance now to have a better job in the future? Or who knows I might not even be able to find a position in the engineering field and remain jobless for years?

I still haven't signed any contract or agreement though I verbally told them I agreed to accept the offer.
Even some of my friends who are also scholars themselves think it is not worth it and bro said this company is kinda strict.
However, I don't think there's any confirmation saying that we'll be employed by them after we graduate. But what if they think we're not good enough by the time we're done with uni, then suddenly we have to pay back the amount of money they gave us.

I'm so confused now.
I wanted it so much to prove something at first.
But now that I've got it, I don't know what to do with it.

Or should I just pretend nothing happened and continue on with my loan?
I feel so dead.


Still contemplating about what I should do when I get back home!
*in like 15 minutes!!*
Everybody say, "YAYYY!"


Quin said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! oooh~~ break d??? congratz!!!!!

as for the scholarship bond.. i dun think they can just say ur not good enough for them and take back their words, shudn't there be an average that u need to achieve or something? only when u failed to achieve the required gpa do they ask u to pay back? that's the way things are done, right?

u can accept now, and if u don't like the prospect of working with them in the future, then pay them back lo....

Good luck thinking!!

CL said...

not yet just got my ass back in uni..sigh. oops. haha. final paper on the 21st. i've given a very deep thought on it and i've made up my mind. read my next post! :)

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