Saturday, November 8, 2008

Random Pic

A picture of myself taken by Babe during Bon Odori this year.

Another rest time. It's midnight already.

Have I told you guys before that I am a lil off during the wee hours?
I guess not.

BYe! (again?!)

I missed you again.

ps: I just realised, as I grow older, my eyes grow smaller.
So contradictive. Sigh.


Kokd said...

are u sure dear? ur puppy dog eyes still look as cute as ever. Mua. PS... Photoshop skills a lil lame..

CL said...

haha...wei..don criticise me in my blog wei..give me some 'facey'. i told u d..u only supplied me with a few hours of photoshop skills ok. i learned from scratch some more. n i don hv time to explore yet!!! :PP

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