Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Need More Time!

I can't wait for my last paper tomorrow!!!
So many terms to derive, to remember, to understand and yet so little time!!
Let's just hope Thermo will make my holidays happier! :)

Introducing my not-so-latest fetish.
Nail polish from The Face Shop.
Simply amazing.
As compared to the ones I used to buy from the Hot Market.
These are really good as even if you leave it for a few weeks untouched, they won't dry up that easily and can still be applied smoothly.

Can't believe most of the things I bought these days could cost me a bomb.
Need to control more. Already so dead broke.

Here's a funny pic during Fergie's birthday celebration at MBox.
Another ciplak karaoke outlet which has really limited choices of songs and the room was so damn hot.
Their songs are mostly outdated and the environment was..URGH.
Thank God for my friends.

They're wanna prove that Secret Recipe can actually bake a cake which is the size of 3 heads. :)

I cooked spaghetti carbonara AGAIN but on my own this time!
And it somehow tasted much better.
Probably it's a lil salty and it reminds me of the one I had with Evelyn at Manila's Place.

The little heart shape crystal dangling in the heart shape frame on my lil handphone key chain is no longer there.*breathes*
I bought it together with him and now I lost it.
Doesn't feel right anymore.

Sigh. This is what happens when you do things unplanned.
Everything gets jumbled up and I don't even know what did I just blog about.
But it's not like I planned my previous entries.
It's just that time is so freakingly limited and I can't even think right now.


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