Friday, November 7, 2008

Hygiene. WHAT?

Oh man. I'm supposed to be studying but just when I thought of resting for a few minutes, he came online. :D
Suddenly feel like talking a lil something on HYGIENE.

Right now, as I'm typing this in my hostel room, I can actually smell the stinko cats' faeces! ARGHH.
To start it all off, I came to this low-land place called Parit Buntar approximately a year and 4 months ago.
I was actually very eager and excited at first thinking that it's an Engineering Campus and that the place would make me go goo-goo over it.
But, to my surprise...directly after entering the main gate, all I saw was palm trees, empty green landS, deserted lakes/ponds and NOT A SINGLE DRAIN. Yesh, drain.
Reason? My cousin said they developed a draining system where they covered the drains with soils and grass to absorb the rain water so that the campus won't be flooded easily during the raining season. It's low land, remember?
Well, that wasn't really the point because it still gets flooded everytime it rains cats and dogs for like say, 30 mins? Yes, that's MY USM Engineering Campus to you.

However, the people here..You wanna know what else they do in the wash room besides doing the normal things we, normal human beings do?
They do not only use the sinks to wash their face and hands, they wash their FEET there too. Yup, you didn't hear me wrong.
And worst, some people, after coming out from the toilet cubicle, they flush. Normal right? BUTTTTT, sometimes the flush didn't exactly work maybe because somebody used it earlier. And what did the later person do? She pulled the string down once and just walked out. And yes, you can hear the flush tank's sound but not the flushing sound. YUCKKKKKKKKKK!

And then, there's another group of people wo lovesss to eat in their room eventhough we are not allowed to cook in the room. So, maybe you would say that they could have bought the food up. OKIE. Fair. But then, since they use their own utensils to eat, obviously need to wash after that la right.
Instead of washing them in the pantry, they wash it in the toilet sink. And with all the leftover food and gravy all poured down to the sink and what happens? Get clogged of course!
Brainless people do brainless things.
Some even leave their plates with all the leftovers beside the sink for a few days as though expecting somebody to wash for them. OMG. Imagine the smell. No, sorry. Better not do that.

I can actually continue this but I think I better get back to my studies. Just to give you all an idea on how dirty and unhygienic and brainless some people can be. DEM DISGUSTING.

I wonder if those people ever understand the meaning of CIVILISATION.



Ping Ping said...

i tot it happens's like that also in USM main campus...i mean them with the toilet..not the drain thingie.

Quin said...

ugh..... well, it cud be worse...

CL said...

sigh. i just don understand these people. Simple hygiene routines also can't perform. and i hate living in hostel!

Kokd said...

ewe.. not so bad.. cause im living with 4 guys and u can imagine the mess!

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