Monday, November 17, 2008

Hot Stuffs.

Pardon me for not updating my blog for the past few days.
I've been busy with studies *coughcough* at home with no internet connection.
Just got back to uni with friends and this is what I'm doing now!

Okay, after so much of the hoo-hahs in my previous post, I've finally made up my mind.
Was really confused and indecisive of what I should do since it concerns my future.
Yesh, the much awaited scholarship offer in the previous entry.
Come to think (as in really really think) of it, I'd prefer a proper job than just mere training.
Maybe they won't be training me for long but I cannot imagine myself working for a company for a freakin' 5 years duration.
At least I think my engineering certificate can get me a better job prospect than working for them.
Gosh. I'm being so mean to them.
I hope I did not influence my friends to reject them as well.
Ooh. I'm bad.

Forget about them.
And now, my hair problem again.
I'm still thinking! (sigh, I just can't stop thinking eventhough it's almost holiday already)
Probably somebody won't be that upset after all in the coming months.
*wink wink*

Now, I'm gonna get back to thermo.
AHhh...freakin stupid (ok, maybe not THAT stupid) last paper!
And I thought I was already on a holiday since the past few days.

I know, it's another rather meaningless post again.
Will really give it a thought on what to do with my blog soon.
Soon. Real soon.
I'm going nuts, man!!

And I'm being star struck again.
This time, the list never seems to come to an end..
WARNING: Hot stuffs coming up.

Introducing Penn Badgley.
Do I need to explain further? Maybe I should.
This one here, I did not fall for his look.
He's probably the second guy who gives me the you know, fluttering feeling in your tummy, ahh, BUTTERFLIES....after Kok.
Man, you should really watch Gossip Girl.
One of the, maybe the bitchiest series I've ever watched before.
I can just stare at him the whole day without a word and start to fantasize about the things I shouldn't be fantasizing about.
Just kidding. :P
Not gonna further elaborate.
He's cute as he is. *drools*


This one, probably not as famous as the 1st.
He was in Step Up 2.
Robert Hoffman.
Probably one of the best dancers I've seen in movies not to mention his height and body and all.
*drools again*
His moves...his looks....dang. I'm speechless.
To see a guy who moves like him, man, I'm yours.

Last but not least,

I'm sure a lot of you know who this guy is.
Except Kok. Because he's outdated.
Nah. HAHA. We didn't manage to catch The Dark Knight together the other time.
But I recently watched it in my lappie.
Weird thing is, why didn't I find him that well, attractive and hot in Batman Returns?
I seriously thought they were two different persons.
And when I saw the name, I almost passed out.
And I'm going to ---> *drools over and over again*
I mean...ARGHH. Why can't these hot guys be available in Malaysia or more specifically PENANG!!??

Actually, wanted to upload Zac Efron's pic because I went to watch HSM 3 with Sis last Wednesday!
And what can I say, I was practically blown away by him.
But I guess the last post about how hot he is, was already more than enough to give you guys an idea on well, you know.

Erm, Babe, don't worry. You're still hot. Very hot indeed.
To me at least. :)
And to be fair to you and the rest,
I still think you're among those I just mentioned.
And if you're wondering why your pic is the last of all,
I'll say, "Save the best for last."

At least this is REAL!!!!
And he comes with skills in like, can I say EVERYTHING?
Yes, I really DO mean everything.
Better not elaborate further since he's reading this as well.
So, as for now, I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I did, after typing it for almost an hour or so. :)

SEE YA! :)

ps: Damn, it's sizzling hot in here.


Jaryn said...

Oh shit,now its hot in my place too! ;)

CL said...

wow! you're fast! almost shocked to see ur comment!! ahahaha. i'm still feeling the heat man!!!

1PluS1=2 said...

LOL... cool!

Quin said...

of all those guys, christian bale got my vote!! he's the hottest super hero ever!!

as for the last pic of the bunch, well, taste is subjective. haha.... lucky you~

CL said...

KY: cool huh? it makes me feel like browsing the pics everyday...ahh..that'd be nice. hahahah.
KQ: yup, i absolutely agree with u! if it wasn't for him, i doubt i'll like dark knight as much as i do now!! haha. as for the last pic, erm...haha.

Kokd said...

Babe, youre so sweet.. I'm so flattered.

Miss you

jennifer said...

i prefer chace crawford for gossip girl & channing tatum for step up!! hahaha.

CL said...

I dislike Chace because of his character in gossip girl! probably thats why i didn't put up his pic. haha. nvrtheless, he looks the best in gossip girl i must say. channing tatum..let me google his name for a while. hehe.

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