Saturday, November 29, 2008


OMG. It’s almost December already. How time flies. I did something amazing today. At least, it’s amazing to myself. I actually went down to the park nearby my house to jog! Haha. I’m quite a sporty person it’s just that I usually prefer to stay at home rather than to go under the sun despite the fact that I love outdoor activities. Nevertheless, I jogged 2 big rounds alone since Mei Chen could not accompany me. Reason why I decided to jog? Well, all these sitting, doing nothing or barely do a thing make me feel like a super lazy bump and I just feel like I need to do something about it and what’s better than to jog?! Hence, the change in me. Muahaha. I planned to jog once in every two days but Monday is booked for Evelyn. Hmm..what should I do? Should I jog on Sunday evening as well? Decisions decisions. Probably not. Ganti on Tuesday la. Blek. :P

Anyways, I read a magazine on TOFI (Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside). I must say, it’s 100% true on me. I’ve been telling my friends how unhealthy I am at campus since I only do 2 types of exercise during the weekdays which is walking. Is talking considered as an exercise? Mouth exercise perhaps? Hehe. Nevermind. So, there was once I told them I wanted to jog around my campus and they were shocked as to why the sudden change. I told them I might look healthy on the…TOFI in short. But they kept saying it was because I wanna fit into the bikini when I go to Langkawi in August. Haha. I must say it was somewhat true but not totally true :P Whatever it is, I need to be more healthy. HEALTHY, HEALTHY HEALTHY! I wouldn’t wanna contract any of the possible diseases I could get when I get older. Have you ever been to a dialysis centre? Try and have a look at those tubes filled with blood all over your hand and you’ll know how I feel (when I look at them, I mean).
So people, TO STAY HEALTHY, GET YOUR ASS OFF THE COUCH (or wherever you’re sitting on) RIGHT NOW! Kick those fat away!

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Kokd said...

AHahahha. Im glad someone took health seriously. Well, lucky for me, my genes are strong. my fathers side people live till 90 without any disease! Yay.. kisses

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