Saturday, November 29, 2008


OMG. It’s almost December already. How time flies. I did something amazing today. At least, it’s amazing to myself. I actually went down to the park nearby my house to jog! Haha. I’m quite a sporty person it’s just that I usually prefer to stay at home rather than to go under the sun despite the fact that I love outdoor activities. Nevertheless, I jogged 2 big rounds alone since Mei Chen could not accompany me. Reason why I decided to jog? Well, all these sitting, doing nothing or barely do a thing make me feel like a super lazy bump and I just feel like I need to do something about it and what’s better than to jog?! Hence, the change in me. Muahaha. I planned to jog once in every two days but Monday is booked for Evelyn. Hmm..what should I do? Should I jog on Sunday evening as well? Decisions decisions. Probably not. Ganti on Tuesday la. Blek. :P

Anyways, I read a magazine on TOFI (Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside). I must say, it’s 100% true on me. I’ve been telling my friends how unhealthy I am at campus since I only do 2 types of exercise during the weekdays which is walking. Is talking considered as an exercise? Mouth exercise perhaps? Hehe. Nevermind. So, there was once I told them I wanted to jog around my campus and they were shocked as to why the sudden change. I told them I might look healthy on the…TOFI in short. But they kept saying it was because I wanna fit into the bikini when I go to Langkawi in August. Haha. I must say it was somewhat true but not totally true :P Whatever it is, I need to be more healthy. HEALTHY, HEALTHY HEALTHY! I wouldn’t wanna contract any of the possible diseases I could get when I get older. Have you ever been to a dialysis centre? Try and have a look at those tubes filled with blood all over your hand and you’ll know how I feel (when I look at them, I mean).
So people, TO STAY HEALTHY, GET YOUR ASS OFF THE COUCH (or wherever you’re sitting on) RIGHT NOW! Kick those fat away!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ivan's Surprise Birthday Celebration

It’s the day and I asked Ivan out for his birthday dinner at Breeze Café, right next to Naza Hotel as recommended by my sister. First thing in the morning after breakfast with mom, I bought a blackberry + chocolate cake for him and passed it to Chenn Yang after lunch time. Since I was around the neighbourhood, I decided to drop by OCY’s house to pass her Gossip Girl and Heroes series. I was virtually rushing like a mad dog and almost freaked out to see the jam near the bridge. Thank God I came back home just in time for the dinner. Little did Ivan know, I already planned everything out and asked my friends to meet us at the café and surprise him with the cake. Hehe. So, Ivan came at about 1745 to pick me up from my house to our destination. I was like texting Chenn Yang all the way and thinking to myself that Ivan’s so gonna suspect something weird must be going on seeing me texting this way. Haha. I was told that my accomplices have reached the place and soon enough, Ivan and I made it to the café as well. As we were about to sit down, I suddenly asked Ivan to switch to another seat so that he will not be able to see them entering through the entrance. I know, I can’t be more pathetic than that but I’ve got no choice! So, I told him to switch place with the reason that he can have a better sea view (which was 95% true, only that it was getting dark ). Haha. Amazingly, he did not even say anything and just sat at where I told him to. At that time, I was thinking, dang, another poorly done plan. It wasn’t part of my plan la anyway. Haha. So after ordering, we started to chat awkwardly to each other and tadaa! They came in with the cake I bought and started singing the birthday song. I was so carried away that I actually forgot to snap pics or take any video at that moment. So, dang again for screwing my initial plan. The pics taken were after the candles were blown and the cake was cut. Oops. Anyways, we had a great dinner accompanied by weird and funny conversations. Next up, we decided to go to Gurney since they haven’t been there before and thought that it’d be a great time to have a visit there. So, we walked around aimlessly while me and the girls were admiring the beautiful yet expensive (assumption made) dresses shown at the display corner. Then I was thinking of getting a book for Babe and we headed to MPH. I guess I saw a few books that suit him at this time. Haha. It was a requested Christmas present anyway. Nah, request + own initiative lar. Anyways, all those walk made our stomachs grumble again and we went to have Lok Lok as our supper! It was my first time to have supper at the Pulau Tikus Market and gosh, I really think Penangites are so blessed! We have like food everywhere, all the time! Though the Lok Lok was rather expensive, but I enjoyed myself there being with my close friends. We headed home after supper and I was glad knowing that the birthday boy did enjoy himself! *smiles*
Ps: I’m available for a month for planning surprises. Anyone wants to hire me? Haha. Okay, it wasn’t a big wow wow surprise but at least it was something, right? Cheers! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Updates (Too lil time to think of the title)

Hui Juan messaged me in the morning telling me she has a surprise for me in my blog but alas, I do not have internet connection at home! Dang. No wonder my life’s been so pitifully boring. She said she commented something on my entry. better be good. Haha. Anyways, it struck my mind that Ivan’s birthday is tomorrow! Seeing that I was pretty bored and have lots of free time, I decided to plan a surprise birthday celebration for him! I guess everybody should have a memorable 21st birthday in their life, hence I started making calls and texting friends who are as bored as I am to become my accomplices for the event. Hehe. Well, it was my first time planning a surprise so I was hoping that it would turn out well! The accomplices are: Sin Tian, Choon Li, Shu Hong and Chenn Yang. Too bad the rest are not staying in Penang, if not it’d be much fun!
Till tomorrow, XOXO.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Updates Again!!

Today was supposedly a boring and lazy day at home for a lazy bump like me. However, Mom’s supervisor said that the company’s exec could not make it to the meeting hence I could go join her at work! So, we went to The Store at BM and started to clear the counter there. The business there at The Store was rather dull and it looks almost like Prangin Mall in Penang. I helped out in clearing the counter for a few hours before having lunch at a Malay café in the mall at about 3pm. Man, I was tired and hungry like hell but it was nice as I got to spend more time with Mom. So, I guess it’s all worth it.  As for dinner, we had it at a place which is famous for its Curry Mee in Raja Uda, Butterworth. Dem, I didn’t know such place existed in the first 20 years of my life since I passed that place almost everytime whenever I went to visit my grandparents. In conclusion, another destination for good food added to my list! Yum! 
My entry sounds pretty boring these days. Probably due to my mood at home = Lazy, Bored and Meaningless. Sigh.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Holidays have officially started yesterday. Yet, due to my extreme laziness, I decided to not work during the holidays though I’m still very broke. L Anyways, today is Friends’ Day! Well, I declared it on my own of course. After much persuasion and confusing decisions, OCY, Eve and I made up our minds and decided to go to Gurney to have lunch. We reached Gurney at about 3pm and followed Eve to visit the new ladies’ room at the new wing. HAHA. I was rather disappointed with the furnishing and designs in the mall as they do not look much different from the existing ones in QB or even 1U. Anyhow, we stopped at Manila Place to fill our growling stomachs and continued to have our girl talk for almost 2 hours (I think) before heading off to Secret Recipe. And our talk continued. Somehow it felt as though we haven’t met for ages and trying to catch up on each other as much as possible. It sure felt right. J We dropped by at Watsons at the basement to get some necessities and guess who we bumped into! SHEENA WONG! Together with Samson and another two friends of hers. The day just can’t get any better! Meeting old friends felt really warm inside, ya’ know? Hehe. So, the following weekend will be booked for her! Hopefully can get to go makan-makan again! Gosh, I love being a Penangite!

To better days during my holidays, CHEERS!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Need More Time!

I can't wait for my last paper tomorrow!!!
So many terms to derive, to remember, to understand and yet so little time!!
Let's just hope Thermo will make my holidays happier! :)

Introducing my not-so-latest fetish.
Nail polish from The Face Shop.
Simply amazing.
As compared to the ones I used to buy from the Hot Market.
These are really good as even if you leave it for a few weeks untouched, they won't dry up that easily and can still be applied smoothly.

Can't believe most of the things I bought these days could cost me a bomb.
Need to control more. Already so dead broke.

Here's a funny pic during Fergie's birthday celebration at MBox.
Another ciplak karaoke outlet which has really limited choices of songs and the room was so damn hot.
Their songs are mostly outdated and the environment was..URGH.
Thank God for my friends.

They're wanna prove that Secret Recipe can actually bake a cake which is the size of 3 heads. :)

I cooked spaghetti carbonara AGAIN but on my own this time!
And it somehow tasted much better.
Probably it's a lil salty and it reminds me of the one I had with Evelyn at Manila's Place.

The little heart shape crystal dangling in the heart shape frame on my lil handphone key chain is no longer there.*breathes*
I bought it together with him and now I lost it.
Doesn't feel right anymore.

Sigh. This is what happens when you do things unplanned.
Everything gets jumbled up and I don't even know what did I just blog about.
But it's not like I planned my previous entries.
It's just that time is so freakingly limited and I can't even think right now.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Have you ever felt like no one in the world ever understands you?
You thought you have tried your best to let them know you.
But it just never seems enough.
I felt that way before.
In fact, it happened way back when I was still in secondary.

My friends told me that they think I wasn't expressive enough and I hide my feelings.
Hence explaining why I seldom talk much when in certain companies.
Words without substance.
No one will ever know how to interpret your words to feelings in that way I presume.

However, my secondary school life wasn't as bad.
I wouldn't say I enjoyed it as much as most people did in a way but at least, that was the time when I found him and began to know the importance of a relationship.
But it wasn't because of him that I did this entry for.
It was mainly because I felt that I haven't been appreciating my friends as much as I wanted to.
I guess I just do not know how to show it.

To my friends, who think they are the ones I'm talking about, I just wanna say, I apologize for not doing what a good friend should do.
I took the chances you gave me for granted and never once in my life I did not regret it.
It's heartbreaking to know when some people who are important to you start drifting away from your life.
And it makes you wonder why.
Sleepless nights, crying yourself to bed, talking about it to your closed ones.
Those do not seem enough to make you get over it.
And some wonder why I'm such a paranoid and melancholic person.
I wish I have a wider vocabulary to explain all that I feel inside.
I feel intimidated easily and I disgust that feeling.
I am still trying to make things right at this very point in my life.
Hopefully it's not too late.

And when it comes to the next chapter in my life, I tried again.
I just felt like I can never stop trying to make things right simply because I always do things the wrong way.
University life wasn't as easy as I thought.
To try to start over again by welcoming new friends into your life.
To never repeat the things you did in the past.
But the past just keeps haunting you because you still can't get over it.
And hence the downfall of the first part of my uni life.

As much as I love to make new friends, I struggled in doing it.
But it did not deter me from trying again because I regard friends as the second most important people in my life.
It was only in my second sem that I truly accept them in my life after much ups and downs.
Eventually their true colors will show and you get to know who your real friends are.

But I'm glad most of my uni friends are great people.
People who share, laugh and spend time together with you.
They make you feel like you are not as lonely as you thought.
The best part of my uni life was during my 21st birthday celebration.
I thought no one would even recall that it was my birthday that day till I realised my friend, Hui Juan showed some weird acts by asking me to go down to the cafeteria for dinner at 4 pm.
And I began to wonder why there were so many of my coursemates at the cafeteria as well.
And thanks to the mastermind of the event, Ivan, and also friends who were there, I had an unforgettable 21st birthday.

But my uni blessing did not just stop there for I have awesome roommates throughout the semesters.
It started with Puay Hoon who was also in the same year as myself and 2 Third Year seniors.
Puay Hoon was one of the friendliest person I knew in my uni.
We can practically talk the whole day if it wasn't for the time constraint.
She's not only awesome, she's smart as well! :)

With Puay Hoon. Gosh. I looked dead.

And the room seniors who were always there when we needed to ask questions on some subjects.
Awesome-ness. again.

With Angeline. Isn't she KAWAII?

With Jinny. She can be a genie in bottle with her sweetness. Erm. Nevermind. HAHA.

As for this sem, I was with another 3 different hungry monsters.
They are the roomies who make me eat like, alot.
Consisting of Ping Ping, Woei Jing, Tzy Theng and myself.
I'm blessed again because they are really funny and AWESOME people.
I know, I used the word a-w-e-s-o-m-e like a gazillion times but I like the word somehow. :)
I did not manage to snap any pictures with them but hopefully I'll be able to next year since it's almost the end of the semester now and everyone's heading home except for Woei Jing and I. :((

I need to stop now.
Need to stop negelcting my studies for blogging.
And just before I end this entry, I hope my friends will be able to know me better through my blog because obviously blog is where my inner feelings are shown.


Oh, and have you watched Mamma Mia? AWESOME! :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hot Stuffs.

Pardon me for not updating my blog for the past few days.
I've been busy with studies *coughcough* at home with no internet connection.
Just got back to uni with friends and this is what I'm doing now!

Okay, after so much of the hoo-hahs in my previous post, I've finally made up my mind.
Was really confused and indecisive of what I should do since it concerns my future.
Yesh, the much awaited scholarship offer in the previous entry.
Come to think (as in really really think) of it, I'd prefer a proper job than just mere training.
Maybe they won't be training me for long but I cannot imagine myself working for a company for a freakin' 5 years duration.
At least I think my engineering certificate can get me a better job prospect than working for them.
Gosh. I'm being so mean to them.
I hope I did not influence my friends to reject them as well.
Ooh. I'm bad.

Forget about them.
And now, my hair problem again.
I'm still thinking! (sigh, I just can't stop thinking eventhough it's almost holiday already)
Probably somebody won't be that upset after all in the coming months.
*wink wink*

Now, I'm gonna get back to thermo.
AHhh...freakin stupid (ok, maybe not THAT stupid) last paper!
And I thought I was already on a holiday since the past few days.

I know, it's another rather meaningless post again.
Will really give it a thought on what to do with my blog soon.
Soon. Real soon.
I'm going nuts, man!!

And I'm being star struck again.
This time, the list never seems to come to an end..
WARNING: Hot stuffs coming up.

Introducing Penn Badgley.
Do I need to explain further? Maybe I should.
This one here, I did not fall for his look.
He's probably the second guy who gives me the you know, fluttering feeling in your tummy, ahh, BUTTERFLIES....after Kok.
Man, you should really watch Gossip Girl.
One of the, maybe the bitchiest series I've ever watched before.
I can just stare at him the whole day without a word and start to fantasize about the things I shouldn't be fantasizing about.
Just kidding. :P
Not gonna further elaborate.
He's cute as he is. *drools*


This one, probably not as famous as the 1st.
He was in Step Up 2.
Robert Hoffman.
Probably one of the best dancers I've seen in movies not to mention his height and body and all.
*drools again*
His moves...his looks....dang. I'm speechless.
To see a guy who moves like him, man, I'm yours.

Last but not least,

I'm sure a lot of you know who this guy is.
Except Kok. Because he's outdated.
Nah. HAHA. We didn't manage to catch The Dark Knight together the other time.
But I recently watched it in my lappie.
Weird thing is, why didn't I find him that well, attractive and hot in Batman Returns?
I seriously thought they were two different persons.
And when I saw the name, I almost passed out.
And I'm going to ---> *drools over and over again*
I mean...ARGHH. Why can't these hot guys be available in Malaysia or more specifically PENANG!!??

Actually, wanted to upload Zac Efron's pic because I went to watch HSM 3 with Sis last Wednesday!
And what can I say, I was practically blown away by him.
But I guess the last post about how hot he is, was already more than enough to give you guys an idea on well, you know.

Erm, Babe, don't worry. You're still hot. Very hot indeed.
To me at least. :)
And to be fair to you and the rest,
I still think you're among those I just mentioned.
And if you're wondering why your pic is the last of all,
I'll say, "Save the best for last."

At least this is REAL!!!!
And he comes with skills in like, can I say EVERYTHING?
Yes, I really DO mean everything.
Better not elaborate further since he's reading this as well.
So, as for now, I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I did, after typing it for almost an hour or so. :)

SEE YA! :)

ps: Damn, it's sizzling hot in here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Should I or Should I Not?

Been doing a lot of thinking since I received the email yesterday.
Should I receive it and be bonded for 5 years?
It was stated 4 years back in the website.
Now, with 5 semesters of scholarship, I need to work or to be more precise, be trained under them.
Training attachment.
Is that really what I want after I graduate?
Obviously I would prefer a proper job instead of just training.
But looking at the economic downfall now, is it worth risking a chance now to have a better job in the future? Or who knows I might not even be able to find a position in the engineering field and remain jobless for years?

I still haven't signed any contract or agreement though I verbally told them I agreed to accept the offer.
Even some of my friends who are also scholars themselves think it is not worth it and bro said this company is kinda strict.
However, I don't think there's any confirmation saying that we'll be employed by them after we graduate. But what if they think we're not good enough by the time we're done with uni, then suddenly we have to pay back the amount of money they gave us.

I'm so confused now.
I wanted it so much to prove something at first.
But now that I've got it, I don't know what to do with it.

Or should I just pretend nothing happened and continue on with my loan?
I feel so dead.


Still contemplating about what I should do when I get back home!
*in like 15 minutes!!*
Everybody say, "YAYYY!"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back In Action.

Finally, 5 papers are done.
Left one more on the 21st.
At first, things are bright.
But now, they're all darker than ever.
I failed to make myself proud of what I did.
Enough said.

I planned to talk about lots of shit for this long awaited day.
But sigh. Not really in the mood.
So, this post is not gonna sound as interesting as I want it to be.

Well, there are few things I've been restraining myself to do due to exams.
First, I'm GONNA SHOP, SHOP and SHOP till I drop!
But, the thing is, I need to wait till I get my scholarship $.
Oops. I know that's bad but there's a reason why they give us the scholarship right?
So that we can help to spend their money. :P
Yes, that's me.
Welcome to my life.

Second, I'm so freakin' sick of my current hairstyle.
I don't think it's even called a style.
I'm gonna cut it short!!
I think I sort of decided to follow my sis' footsteps cause when she was in uni, she used to have different hairstyle for every semester!!
I cut my hair short last semester.
Still wondering what kind of hairstyle suits me best.
Any idea?

This was how my hair looked like before rebonding years back.

This was the length of my hair before I decided to cut it short after rebonding.
And exactly how I entered uni with.

After lots of complaining about the weather at my uni, I decided to cut it short!! The shortest I ever had since erm...very long time ago.

And this was how my hair looked like during a dinner.

This is my current hairstyle. Lame right. I know.

And now...the problem comes. What should I do with my hair? Curl it? Rebond again? Cut it real short or just short? What about my fringe? Should I have bangs?
Sigh. I've been thinking about it for quite some time.
I need opinions!!!!

Let's just continue with my to-do list after exam.
Next up would be...EAT, EAT and EAT!!
Yes, I love to eat and I think because of exam, I've grown fatter.
Even if not fatter, some good things are happening! HAHA.
*zips mouth*
Thanks to eat, study, sleep, eat and study again.
And not to mention, online in between of course. :)
And because of all this shit and stress,
I'm going to spend lots of money on food.
To grow fatter of course.

Basically, that's all I can think of now.
Shop, hair and eat.
I realised I have a weird habit recently.
When I'm revising halfway, I'll sometimes stand up and walk to my closet and guess what I'll do?
I'll start combing my hair.
For no apparent reason.
I think when I'm stressed, I do that a lot without noticing.
Weird, huh?
It happened quite often but I only realised it like yesterday?
Oh well.
I'm know I'm weird.
Till then, BYE!

ps: If you happen to find a lot of the 'shit' word in this entry, it was because I was very pissed off and upset earlier. Now, back to normal lame mood.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Random Pic

A picture of myself taken by Babe during Bon Odori this year.

Another rest time. It's midnight already.

Have I told you guys before that I am a lil off during the wee hours?
I guess not.

BYe! (again?!)

I missed you again.

ps: I just realised, as I grow older, my eyes grow smaller.
So contradictive. Sigh.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hygiene. WHAT?

Oh man. I'm supposed to be studying but just when I thought of resting for a few minutes, he came online. :D
Suddenly feel like talking a lil something on HYGIENE.

Right now, as I'm typing this in my hostel room, I can actually smell the stinko cats' faeces! ARGHH.
To start it all off, I came to this low-land place called Parit Buntar approximately a year and 4 months ago.
I was actually very eager and excited at first thinking that it's an Engineering Campus and that the place would make me go goo-goo over it.
But, to my surprise...directly after entering the main gate, all I saw was palm trees, empty green landS, deserted lakes/ponds and NOT A SINGLE DRAIN. Yesh, drain.
Reason? My cousin said they developed a draining system where they covered the drains with soils and grass to absorb the rain water so that the campus won't be flooded easily during the raining season. It's low land, remember?
Well, that wasn't really the point because it still gets flooded everytime it rains cats and dogs for like say, 30 mins? Yes, that's MY USM Engineering Campus to you.

However, the people here..You wanna know what else they do in the wash room besides doing the normal things we, normal human beings do?
They do not only use the sinks to wash their face and hands, they wash their FEET there too. Yup, you didn't hear me wrong.
And worst, some people, after coming out from the toilet cubicle, they flush. Normal right? BUTTTTT, sometimes the flush didn't exactly work maybe because somebody used it earlier. And what did the later person do? She pulled the string down once and just walked out. And yes, you can hear the flush tank's sound but not the flushing sound. YUCKKKKKKKKKK!

And then, there's another group of people wo lovesss to eat in their room eventhough we are not allowed to cook in the room. So, maybe you would say that they could have bought the food up. OKIE. Fair. But then, since they use their own utensils to eat, obviously need to wash after that la right.
Instead of washing them in the pantry, they wash it in the toilet sink. And with all the leftover food and gravy all poured down to the sink and what happens? Get clogged of course!
Brainless people do brainless things.
Some even leave their plates with all the leftovers beside the sink for a few days as though expecting somebody to wash for them. OMG. Imagine the smell. No, sorry. Better not do that.

I can actually continue this but I think I better get back to my studies. Just to give you all an idea on how dirty and unhygienic and brainless some people can be. DEM DISGUSTING.

I wonder if those people ever understand the meaning of CIVILISATION.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dang Dang Dang

No, it's not supposed to sound like
'Jeng jeng jeng!'

It's more like, DANG! DANG! DANG!
A balance sheet which cannot be balanced.
What the ------!!!!(censored due to over frustration)

Let me repeat that,
a BALANCE SHEET which can't be BALANCED.

Who on earth would ever thought she(my law and accounts lecturer) would come up with such a question??!! Ok, well, maybe everybody but me.

It better not cost me more than 2 marks or else I'll die.
Die as in, my hopes will be down the drainnnnnnnnn.

Ah..enough for the day.
Thanks for reading this nonsensical post. :)
*blows an imaginary kiss*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008



About the facebook status.

It was just a prank.

I was only the accomplice. :P

We're still together but thousands of miles apart from each other.



Monday, November 3, 2008







Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Things We Do On The Last Day of Study Week.

Like the title says it, today is my last day of study week.
Hope it has been fruitful but the results will tell.

Anyways, here are the pics taken by my efficient photographer and yours truly, of course.

Will blog about it in maybe next week?


The group of 15 who visited the B'worth library thanks to the 7 hours blackout in our campus.

Aviators are so not for me. :((

The two besties. Aren't they cute??

Our dearest girl, Sin Tian and the girl with the angelic voice in yellow, Stephanie Sun, oops! I mean Huey Cheng!

Amongst the delicious food we had.

The guy who always wants to avoid his face being photographed.

Our Goddess, Choon Li, never ever mess with her intelligence!

They guys say, "Don't you think we're macho??"

Well, basically that was what we did but I need to further elaborate when I have the time.

Wish me LUCKKK!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

An Achievement On My Own, I Call It.

Tadaa! A polaroid of myself looking almost dead in Langkawi.

Been trying to make a nicer one but basic comes first I guess..

Can't see the border though. Will work on it in my coming post.


Yayy! My first REAL 'polaroid'!


My Traveled Map

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