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If you guys were wondering why I didn’t update my BlogSpot, it’s because I didn’t have internet connection in my new house, hence I’m now posting up the previous days entries which I’ve typed earlier in my lappie.

28th September, 2008

Let Not Goodbye Be Our Last Word

Initial plan for today was to go to Bukit Tinggi to snap some photos. It didn’t turn out though due to some unforeseen circumstances. After breakfast, Babe and I went to 1 Utama to have lunch and take some vain photos.

One Utama.

The many many cars heading to the same direction. *sighs*

Me feeling pretty 'bay-syok' cause it was our last lunch of the year.

Then, we had dinner together with his family at a nearby restaurant. We ate our heart out. Hmm. Satisfying. My bus back to Penang was at 2000 and his flight to London was at 0330 the following morning. I left my heart with him. And it’s now in London. It’s a good thing, no? At least my heart gets to travel thousand of miles away from here.

In a glimpse of an eye, 3 months have passed. I believe we both learned a lot from each other. There goes his summer holidays and it’s time for me to get serious in my studies. Not that I wasn’t serious last time, but before this, every beginning of the week, I’ll look forward to Fridays as we could only meet during the weekends. Yes, our sacrifices were all worthwhile. They made us appreciate each other even more. Right now, what I can do is to stop and reminisce on all the memories we both have built within these 3 months.

The last song he played for me before he left.

29th September, 2008

Spaghetti Carbonara! (again?!)

Ahh. This time, I’m cooking spaghetti with Evelyn at her Mangkuk House! It’s been raining the whole day. It should be flooded practically everywhere by now. Eve and I decided to have a little cookout on our own as one of the ways to spend our holidays together and not to mention I’m very tight on my pockets these days. Heehe.

I took her to Tesco Extra and we bought some ingredients together. I still can’t get enough of carbonara. Call me an addict or what, it’s alright. Cause’ I believeI’ve become one! We bought the typical Prego carbonara and some bacon and a capsicum to savour with our spaghetti. She wanted to make salad initially but heck, she forgot. You know-lah that Aunty. HAHA.

We started the whole cooking process at around 1910. Believe me, we’re both good cooks! Ahem. Ok fine, she’s better. (Eve, if you’re reading this, I decided to give you the credit since you were so nice to me only kay =P)

We then watched ‘Money Not Enough 2’ and apparently we are both weak at understanding the Hokkien dialect. Urgh. Or should I say, Singaporean Hokkien? The movie was not bad. Another one of Jack Neo’s high budget production I suppose. It reminds me of a lot things that were happening back in my own family.

Done with the movie, headed to do the dish cleaning. I went back home after that night feeling full, satisfied and happy.

Here’s to Evelyn: Thanks for the night! It was pretty lame but AWESOME! HAHA. Just kidding. The first part, I mean.

Tada! Our end product. Just in case if you're wondering why it looked the same as the one I did with Babe, indeed it is the same pic. OK! I'll get the pic from Eve soon. Hehe.

30th September, 2008

Fun with Seniors

My cousin aka Abang at my campus invited me to join him and his bunch of friends for an outing at Queensbay. I thought I would see some junior faces but it turned out I was the only junior there. The bunch includes Nicholas (my cousin), Su Hui, Su Hooi, Tak Jong, Mien Sze, Boon Pin and myself. But it was a nice experience hanging out with this group of people. They acted more like friends than seniors, explaining why I didn’t feel awkward at all. Maybe a lil bit, just a lil. After all, they’re still seniors, right. We had our Kenny Rogers lunch before headed to watch Babylon AD. Lunch was great, seeing the wonderful people mingling with each other like they’re old friends.

Oh, before the movie, we went to a few shopping outlets namely SnJ and Padini Concept Store. All of them except Tak Jong and I bought at least something. I am still broke, remember? Tak Jong was being choosy like his usual self. AH HA!! Just kidding. He couldn’t make up his mind lar. (Tak Jong, I really hope you’re not reading my blog! HAHAHA)

In the cinema, there was this guy who sat behind me can’t stop kicking my seat. I was really pissed off. Not only his idiotic behavior annoyed me, even his perfume was so strong that I can smell it from like 10 feet away. SO disgustingly yuckie and every other word that is synonymous with the word smelly. Where are your manners, I***t?? Oh, I forgot, you’re an i***t. Sorry for being rude but having this kind of people on this earth who doesn’t have such general manners, you might as well go to your planet of origin, Mars or Venus. Or Marnus if you choose not to be any of the 2 commonly known genders.

Then, we went to play Daytona USA! I emerged as the Champion! Wahaha. Not that it’s so great to boast about but it was really adrenaline rushing ma. I beat the rest and my almost-kick-me-on-my-as*-but-I-got-rid-of-him senior, Boon Pin. So you see, I could still enjoy myself though I was broke. Haha.

Dinner with them plus my sis. Nicholas went to pick my sis up from her workplace and we went to town area to eat..erm. I don’t remember what it’s called.

And that’s a wrap for today. Looking forward to Thurs! After all, I need to enjoy while I still can, right? Tee-hee.

ps: Just in case if you're wondering why I didn't upload any photos, it's because of the lame connection I have here in E-Gate. Will update very soon!!

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