Thursday, October 30, 2008


Okay..before you read the sentence below, I would like to advice you guys to take a real deep breath.





(She's so gonna kill me after this)

HAHAHA. Okay, for those who don't really know why I'm so surprised or freaked out or whatever, it's because I've been driving for almost 5 years and she's my elder sister. It's a lil against the law of nature. Geddit? HAHAHA. ( I don't like to use LOL, I DO NOT KNOW WHY.)

I've used to driving her around. It feels weird to be on the other position now. :D

So, I decided to write down the pros and cons of her getting the license.

1. I don't have to be her unpaid chauffeur anymore!!!
2. She can be the one driving whenever I feel lazy..! Hehehe
3. She no longer needs to complain about my F1 driving skills. :D
4. I can make her my chauffeur!!
5. Petrol money! SHAREEE! Maybe she should be paying more since she's a working adult now. :P
6. I can wear my sunglasses now in the car! (That's because I need my specs while driving and I don't wear contact lenses.) The sight above is very rare.

Hmm..the pros seem to be repeating indirectly...let's go for the cons.

1. I will not have as much freedom as how I stated in my profile description here. :((
2. My car would be back again to the accident-prone car status. *I believe everybody should experience car accident at least once to be more reliable on the road.*
3. I'll be the one scrutinizing her on her way of driving this time! TOO SLOW!!
4. My life would be endangered when she's driving. HAHAHA.
5. No more hang outs with friends anymore if she's using the carrrrr...unless..someone out there who already has driving license since ages ago would actually start driving her FRIENDS out.
6. TWO humongous P stickers! AGAIN!!!

GOSH! The pros and cons actually balance up one another. I guess it's not always a bad thing that she got her license finally huh! :)

Yesterday, she asked me if I have any tips for her before she takes her test today. I said, "Drive like you're a Formula 1 driver." (excerpt from Jaryn's) HAHA.

And this morning, she texted me and said, she indeed drove like one because the officer said she was driving too slow in the beginning. *faints*

Well, let's see if I have anymore updates about her driving skills in the future.

ps: Aww..Sis, you know I love you! MUUAH!

And before I end this entry, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, HENG FATTTTTTT!



Quin said...

lol~~ funny! i agree with u completely that a new driver has to have an accident once and then only everything will be smooth. it's a jinx!!

两面的杰 said...

Dont say your sister like this la...cannot treat cutie in such way de...hohoho

1PluS1=2 said...

hahahha.. yeah.. i still can remember those accidents... =.="

Jaryn said...

awww congrats to ur sis!

nice post!!

(sorry girl, i love to use LOL, LOL!!!!!!!)

CL said...

quin & kar yee: Hhaha. I had 3 accidents before and I think I'm a better driver now! Wait. I better not jinx it! :P

Fergie: My sis IS NOT available to u! BLEKKK!

Jaryn: Thx! I don't find it weird when others use LOL but when I use it myself, I somehow..erm..dislike it. I seriously hv no idea why!!

Simple Simon said...

wah lau.. if i am your sister a.. i am going make sure u suffer for 49 non-stop days!!!

CL said...

hhahah. what..i'm just promoting to my frens and others that i have a cute sis wat..:P

jennifer said...

hahahah wah. does somebody actually have to have an accident before they can be a good driver??? false!!!! =D

CL said...

haha. jen i bet u must be talking about urself huh? wow! respect! :D

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