Monday, October 6, 2008

Old Sweet Memories

*Photos updated for my previous blog entries. Efficient right? WAHAHAH.*

I've changed my template because I believe everyone's blog should be special and I just realised mine is the same as a friend's!
I hope this one's different from my circle of friends' blogs. *fingerscrossed*

It's been raining in the afternoon in Nibong Tebal and I'm feeling a lil gloomy.
Suddenly thought of putting up pics of my sweet memories in guiding back in 2002.

Amy and I at our gigantic gateway.

Campnite. Can you spot Wei Ling and Mei Ling?

Triton Patrol ranks! I'm behind Amy. Wonder why we looked so wet and emo.

Line dance! Ohhh, missed that one!

Ah huh! I think it's called a horse shoe. Sounds funny but it's a term we used to have a small meeting with everyone.

Triton's Cookout! Can spot me?

The pride of our patrol:
The Triton Gateway.

ps: Oh, and that was how we both met each other. *smiles*


Ayaq masak said...

Oit makcik! macamana u discover my blog? haha

Chia Li said...

ape oi makcik...hehe. I pandai of course dapat cari your blog la! ehehe!

Simple Simon said...

Omg omg omg..!!
pictures!!!! i don't have any pictures from triton u knoe?
is there any more?
linked u up d... btw ^^

CL said...

i got a LOT!!!
all from kok.
jahaha, u come find me la.
i pass the copy to u

Simple Simon said...

i am very far away from penang ler!!
how bout.. u zip the file and email me or something..??

Ping Ping said...

HAHA...I still look as retarded as ever. Why like that???
Man...I am glad I lose that hair. I was thinking of cutting mine short. Maybe not.

Anyway, really brings back memories... =)) Eh, show some more pictures...

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