Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Updates!

Ah huh! Finally back to my second crib or dorm, to be exact. Ahh..a week's holidays have passed. I tried asking myself a few time if I've made my holidays worthwhile. Answer is: A lil bit.
Good thing is, now I'm back to a place where my blog can become alive again!

So here's what I did for the past few days:

1st October 2008

Catching Up with Old Friends on Raya!

Today I met up with Sheena at Tesco! We went to the Chicken Rice Shop and chatted away for more than an hour after not seeing each other in months! Then we went to Starbucks as I was desperately in need of going online. She was so nice to accompany me! Thanks, Sheena!

Came back home feeling satisfied. Then, now, time to think about dinner. Mom has been pretty busy till she’s not free to cook for us. So sad. Sis and I then decided to have a simple dinner at the place near our house. A new place for me to explore. But I was disgusted by the place due to some reasons. Urgh.

Chia Yinn then called me for dinner at Sushi King at E-Gate. Ahh. Why on earth didn’t she call me earlier??? CY and her expensive food fetish. So, I went to meet her together with Evelyn. Poor CY, sushi must have felt extremely ‘tasty’ that night. Heeehe. Just kidding. Then, her fetish for ex food and places continued with Secret Recipe. Jaryn, your Alvin wasn’t there! Haha. But I think I saw him at Queensbay’s Secret Recipe the next day. Ah huh! I’m psychic. Wahahaah. Hmm. Why did I even notice him I wonder. Hmmmmm. AHAHAHHA. Oh, well. Went back home feeling extremely exhausted again. But I am thankful to have such great friends to spend time with!

Ps: It feels great to be able to meet up with our dearly missed friends, doesn’t it?

2nd October 2008

Shopping with the Shopaholic!

You guys wanna guess who’s the shopaholic I was referring to besides myself? It’s my sister, Shea Li! Yes, she’s loaded and that makes me happy to be her sister. AHAHAHAH. Kidding la. Lunch at Sushi King. Now you know why I didn’t spend on sushi yesterday :)


Sis and I at Sushi King.

After satisfying ourselves with raw food and steamed rice, we kicked off our mission of the day: To walk, to see, to try and to grab. Ok, maybe not grab.

Ahh. With so much temptation surrounding us, we stepped into every shop in Queens. I was wearing heels. My toes were obstructing me from enjoying my shopping when it was almost dinner time.

We settled down at Old Town for a simple dinner before we resumed our mission. I saw this dress in Forever 21 which looked really flattering and I wanted it soooo much! *hinthint* Sis bought a top for me and herself! Thank you soo much!! We were at Queens for almost 9 hours. I was so tired but still am here just to update my blog. Hmm.

ps: We’re indeed super shopaholics. Oh Gawd.

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