Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Wana Go Home. Oh I Miss You, You Know.

IS HEREEE!!! I mean, not till tomorrow that is. :) Still.

Yup. I'm still very much in love with HSM though it might sound a lil childish but I love singing along to their songs and get mesmerized by simply staring at the oh-so-hot-and-gorgeous-looking Zac Efron's eyes everytime I rerun the show!

He's like, by far the most good looking young actor who doesn't only have the looks, but he can sing pretty well too! can you not be in love with such a hot guy with a hot bod like him! *sheesh,I'm like using exclamation mark for every sentence I wrote about him!*
I guess you guys should know how much I wished he was my man. Man. *sighs* hahah.

The official poster of HSM 3.

The 1st and 2nd shows were on Disney Channel (I think) but now they've become so famous and established and moving on to the big screen! Am so proud of them!! :)

This was the closest I could get to him. *sighs*
Sad, right?

ps: My tests are all over! But the big fat exam is in a week's time. *frowns* And to Jia Ying, my dum dum campus blocks the access to the chatbox website. Grr. No chatbox for me for the next 3 years!! NOOOOO


Jaryn said...

i saw the HSM trailer and i fainted coz HE IS JUST TOO CUTE!!

CL said...

haha. i wana watch it!!! cute right!! getting cuter everytime i see him...awww...*drools*

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